Monday, December 4, 2017

12 Days of Giving- Day Four

It's the holidays y'all and I have sort of started a tradition where I try to gather some like minded ladies to put some positive vibes out into the world via something that we're doing every day- on our computers, phones, tablets etc. You may remember last year's giving back series here on the blog and we've decided to kick it up a notch for 2017 because in my humble opinion, we need a little more love and kindness this holiday season! Each day we are donating to a specific and worthwhile charity while also celebrating in high style with a brand that we love. It's really about bringing attention to great organizations while also having a little fun! So here's the deal, I've asked my ladies to give me three words that describe how they are blessed. It can be in all their years, just this year, the day they sent me my email. Three words. It's easier said than done when you're really trying to think about how you are fortunate. So before I get to today's ladies, charity and giveaway, I ask you to do the same exercise. What are three words that you would use to describe how you're blessed?

Elizabeth Crane Swartz

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Today's donation was made to Save the Children. Save the Children invests in childhood, every single day. Geesh, I might start crying as I type this. They invest not only in times of crisis but for our future as well. In the United States and around the World, they aim to give children a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. They look to change the course of children's lives to transform their future and ours. They reach 185 million children worldwide. That is AMAZING. You can donate or even sponsor a child in the US or abroad if that is something the moves you more. We made our donation on Giving Tuesday so it was doubled and totally even that more feel good!

Save the Children

So what else is amazing about this series? Besides the amazing women and their commitments to giving back? We're working with brands who wanted to be involved because, well, they are awesome too and wanted to get in on the fun of spreading good cheer, good vibes and bringing attention to charities that we've personally donated to! Today, Derma e is giving away some fantastic products so be sure to check out their brand, what they're doing and enter to win them for yourself; they've picked an essentials set just for us so take a peek!

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