Monday, October 23, 2017

Skin Owl + Empowering Young Women

I was introduced to Skin Owl by another great beauty brand, Vapour and to say that I am smitten, well, that would be an understatement. One thing that I love about social media is that I have the opportunity to get to know brands, like really get to know them. I am all about supporting the people who are the makers, the ones who are doing great things. Annie from Skin Owl is one of those people. Her team is right there with her as well. Sure, Skin Owl is offering some stellar clean beauty products but they are also a business with a HUGE heart doing some pretty amazing things. Good people are my favorite.

At first, I was like Oh hey, Skin Owl, cool, this is another green beauty brand that I should check out. They have gorgeous beauty drops (their new Maqui Berry Beauty drops are on my must try list), a renewing beauty steambeauty bars, and oh so much more. Based on their products alone there'd be reason enough to love them. Plus. you know that I'm always a fan of brands that have the opportunity to get samples before buying the full size. Their blog is awesome (check out the DIY nourishing sugar scrub cubes see below) and their imagery is dreamy to boot. But honestly. the reason that I really, really love Skin Owl? They are rad dudettes who are trying to make the world a better place by starting right in their own communities.

So one day I am sitting on my phone perusing all of the instagram stories and happen upon the Skin Owl team throwing an event for teenage girls. From what I could gather from that particular event, they were looking to educate these girls on skin health, the products they're using and help them influence their peers to make the same good decisions. I messaged Annie and was like #OMGILOVETHIS. I wish there had been this type of learning experience and community when I was a teenager but while I was listening to Backstreet Boys and wearing cargo pants, I was also putting crap on my skin. (I obviously still listen to the Backstreet Boys but am much more aware of quality skincare).  I wanted to learn more so I asked Annie to give me some details on what the Skin Owl team had in the works and what they were hoping to achieve.

What I learned was that this was more than just teaching the young women about skincare but they were also being taught about entrepreneurship. Not only are they learning but they are putting their lessons to good use in a friendly competition being hosted by Skin Owl. Essentially, their assignment is to develop a brand new SkinOwl starter kit for teens or the 14-17 age group. Cool, right? According to Annie, "We have always wanted to offer a limited edition skincare range with a teen-twist. Created by girls, FOR girls. We believe that, now more than ever, this demographic needs a clear cut place to start nourishing their skin the healthy way. No more dyes, animal by-products, or formaldehydes. Young skin needs to be treated with care and with powerful plant-based ingredients that the body recognizes as good for it! Members of this younger demographic (think 15-18) are increasingly becoming influencers as well, so why not have them influence the healthy way! The Dean of the Marlborough School heard about SkinOwl and reached out to us directly. Every year the Marlborough School's Entrepreneur program partners with a business and helps them in some way. That way, they get actual entrepreneurial help. We decided we wanted them to help us MAKE the actual kit, since no one knows what teens want more than teens."  Skin Owl set guidelines based on aesthetics, research, originality, and obviously a strong business viability since they are bringing this Starter Kit to market in 2018. Watching these teens pitch their ideas based on this specific criteria is nothing short of awesome. I can't remember being that driven but I am so proud of Skin Owl for helping to harness some of that magic to really make an impact on these girls' lives! *positive vibes radiating*

I always like to help spread the good word about good work and that's certainly what Annie and the team at Skin Owl are doing. Empowering young women to focus on goals, create new ideas and encouraging them along the way is something that is so admirable. I'd really just say that you should following Skin Owl on Instagram and check their stories periodically. A picture, or a video, paints a thousand words and I don't feel like I'm doing them justice. I can't wait to see what they have in store in the future because you know that I'll be stalking following them on social to see what's up and what starter kit launches next year!

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