Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Farmers To You

*This post was a collaboration in partnership with Farmers to You. I was provided with a credit to shop in exchange for my honest opinions about the process, the food, the pickup and quality. Farmers To You is a growing partnership of gifted farmers and producers creating the future of food production and committed families gracing their tables with life-giving foods.

In my never ending quest to be the most mindful Mama, it should be no surprise that finding the best and most direct farm fresh ingredients is something that gets this lady excited. I was recently introduced to Farmers to You and was blown away by how very easy it is to place an order for seasonal and local ingredients from farms in and around my region. The site brings together farmers and communities, where we all work together to get the freshest foods delivered to pick up locations right in our towns. Ordering from a wide selection of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy, bakery items, and nuts is super easy and really fun for me, because as nerdy as it sounds, finding amazing ingredients makes cooking less of a chore and more of a pleasure. My local pickup site is literally 7 minutes from house so I knew this was going to be convenient in the very least.

I placed a modest order at first, some fresh herbs, Hake from Red's Best, organic sweet potatoes, Cultured Butter from Ploughgate Creamery at Bragg Farm, rainbow chard, carrots, brussels sprouts, fennel, a couple of rib eye steaks... OK so maybe my first order wasn't modest! I even ordered some Raspberry Blueberry Rhubarb Jam from Norris Berry Farm for my little guy's weekend morning toast, to switch things up a bit! I sort of can't help myself when it comes to fresh produce though my crisper has been known to be the place where good intentions go to perish. So far we've had a couple of delicious dinners just based on what I grabbed from Farmers to You and I've even made some baby food as well. I can feel good about feeding my family the freshest food with local ties.

Farmers to You blog
In addition to the ordering experience, the folks at Farmers to You also have a blog with articles, weekly menus and recipes, that can be broken down by food item. For instance, let's say that I've never cooked with turnips or leeks before and I wanted to be a little adventurous, you can search by turnips (or leeks) and recipes will populate for you, and more than likely, they've been curated by some of the farmers themselves or a local author, someone with a connection to this community. I love it! I think my next order, I am going to pick up some dairy items as well as some homemade pasta and grains for my pantry. My site host, Sarah, also recommended the organic tempeh from Rhapsody Natural Foods, so I might just take that for a spin! I'm so very interested in how I can supplement my grocery store trips with this weekly order. I've got the time to make even these little things, like meal prep and shopping, a more mindful experience. How do you best shop for fresh and local ingredients?

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