Monday, October 3, 2016

What You Need (and What You Don't) for Baby #2 (or 3 or 4 or 5)

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I'm due with number two, didn't you hear? Some days, it's kind of surreal. I'm like, keeping a toddler alive on the daily and that's a pretty much full time job. Then I feel the child within kick me with such furvor that I know I have another "spirited" child readying himself for arrival. HA! I'm in for it so I had better start preparing for those first few months where things are pretty hairy. Last time, I only had one child to worry about and it was calm and serene (for the most part) but this time around is going to be different. When Wes was born, my friend Jess bought me a gift card and said "they'll be your lifesaver, 2-day shipping FTW"... she was right. I really had no idea what I would need until I needed and it was daunting as a new mom to take my newborn out, especially after my husband went back to work and the family left.  Sure, people had bought me some of the baby necessities but I had way more onesies and blankies than I had diaper cream and nursing supplies. It's not sexy to gift nipple cream when you can buy a fancy swaddling cloth instead. Of course, everything was appreciated but when you're in the trenches, those basics are what keep you alive! OK, OK, I'm being a little dramatic but with the new baby coming, I need to stock up on what's going to be important to have on hand, especially in those early days where things are going to be touch and go.

I thought I would put together a "must-have" list for myself and those looking to get gifts for a family expecting their second, third, fourth etc child. I, myself, might just send gift cards to those who are far from me, but if I'm headed to visit a new addition or invited to a sprinkle, I know what I can stylishly put together for that family who appreciates all gifts but will most definitely appreciate the basics of baby rearing. I also know what I will get to have on hand for my new bundle of joy. is a great resource for all the brands that I've grown to love and are safe/non-toxic for my family. Check it...

So what am I stocking up on for #PropahBaby2? These are the things I KNOW that I'll need and I'll want to have on hand before baby arrives!

California Baby Calming Shampoo & Body Wash

You can stock up too, not to worry! If you've never tried, you really should. They are as great a resource as you can find, one stop shopping for those hairy days in the beginning and on. First time buyers can get 20% off their first order: Enter code: TRYUSLOVEU and they even want you to come back again, your second purchase you can get 10% off ... it's really a great opportunity to try something new without any risk. You get all the product you know and love, at a discount, to your door in a matter of a day or so. Win-Win-Win.

What are your recommendations for "new baby necessities"?

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