Monday, October 24, 2016

From Where I Stand- Hush Puppies Fall

Honestly, it's been hard for me to adjust to being pregnant this time around AND feeling "cool" because dude, I got big, fast and still have two months left to go. When I was welcomed to the Hush Puppies brunch earlier this month, I was totally stoked but admittedly felt a little out of place with all the local girls with their gorgeously put together ensembles. Here comes Mama with her blanket scarf! LOL but truly, once I started really getting the opportunity to style my Hush Puppies suede booties, I was "stepping" up my Fall fashion game without sacrificing the comfort that I so desperately need this Fall/Third Trimester. No matter where I have gone this busy October, I've really been able to work these booties into nearly every scenario and weather condition (even the rain, hello Worry Free Suede)!

We went shopping to pick out our Fall decor, mums, pumpkins and all the things we'd need to make our Home in New England, one that is festive for the Autumn colors and seasonal flare! We ventured out in the rain to run errands but I still looked cool! We hit the park and the library on a chilly Saturday morning and I was the "Bomb Mom". Headed to another blogger event, I wore these booties with a simple black dress from a local brand. I was pretty much able to work these booties into every aspect of my Fall life, as you can see. There's nothing like getting a pair of shoes that are super versatile for an on the go Mom who wants to look fashionable, for real.

You can find your very own Hush Puppies online, and check out their socials on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest! Let me know what you pick!

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