Tuesday, August 9, 2016

DIY Terrariums with World Market

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to take part in a workshop at my local World Market store (Framingham MA) and I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks from this DIY event since I knew it would interest a lot of you! I love all the terrariums at World Market so jumped at the chance to show shoppers and now you guys how easy and affordable it is to build one of these beauties for your home or even a friends home (super gift giving friend you are!)

Cori from Hey, Let's Make Stuff and a part of my World Market Tribe put together some super simple yet super fun steps on putting together your own decorative terrarium that is maintenance free (score!)... I even purchased all the goods to make my own, that's how much I loved this project! Check out my terrarium and everything you'd need to put yours together yourself!

Choose a Container: 

Live terrariums require a more specialized container (because you're keeping things alive) but the beauty of a maintenance free version is that you can choose whatever you want. Jars, wine glasses, apothocaries, candle holders and on and on.


Fill it with Layers:

One thing I made sure to tell all my shoppers at World Market was that these customized terrariums were all about the layers. Building from the bottom up, you're creating the foundation then adding elements to make it your own. You can use sand, pebbles, glass marbles, soil and more!

Place Larger Elements to Create Height:

Adding some larger elements can help build up the height and add a little special something to the terrarium's personality. Try rocks in different sizes, driftwood, seashells, sticks and anything you can think of really!

Include some "Life":

Want your terrarium to have the live feel? Add faux air plants, succulents, cacti, dried moss and faux flowers to add pops of color and "life" to the little world you're creating!

Add Interest:

Do you have a theme? Is this terrarium for your beach house... add some seashells or dried starfish and urchins. Is this for your daughter's room? Add some fairy lights, butterflies and tiny figurine. Add the elements that make this a special decor item that you'll enjoy.

I would have to say that making a decorative (maintenance free) terrarium for right around $30 is money well spent. You've created something beautiful for your home that is affordable and customized. I would absolutely recommend picking up supplies, a bottle of wine and inviting your friends over to build your own. What a great way to spend some time!

Have you ever created your own terrarium living or maintenance free?

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