Monday, February 1, 2016

Alice's Table at The Pop Up

This past week, I was once again blessed with the opportunity to friggin' get my flower arranging on with Alice's Table. You know I love The Street in Chestnut Hill, so the fact that Alice's Table is taking up residence in The Pop-Up until February 16th, well, that made this Mama very happy. Alice invited some local bloggers to check out the space and learn how to arrange some garden roses with eucalyptus and wax flowers and more! It's really easy (and fun) when you're hanging with your girls making pretty things. You might remember my Thanksgiving arrangement but this was a different set up and with girls I knew/could chat it up with (I mean, Miley and Liam are back together!). There are so many great opportunities to learn the art of flower arranging, not just at The Street but at events that Alice's Table has coming up (umm hello, Jonathan Adler!)

It was so great to see some fellow bloggers and compare our creations. Even though we used the same "ingredients", we still managed to create different arrangements. It was just a cool experience. So great to see Emily of Shell Chic'd, Annie of Once Upon a Plate, Jenna of Boston Chic Party, Meghan of Surviving the Suburbs, Jessica of Champagne Thursday, Kerri of Haven Way + Descriptive Apparel, one half of Slow it Down Girl and  Lindsey of Oh Buoy Boston!

If you're looking for a new night out with the girls (or even guys), I can't recommend Alice's Table enough. The gals are friendly, helpful and don't mind you gabbing. The atmosphere is fun and you actually learn flower arranging skills that you can use on future, at home creations. Doesn't my arrangement look masterful? That could be you, too!

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