Monday, January 11, 2016

Shop Smarter- New Year's Goals

Each year, we usually sit down and look at all the things that we can improve upon and give ourselves resolutions. I am always trying to improve but there is something to be said about a new year and a fresh start. We are looking at this year kind of differently. Rather than the ol' stand by's of eating healthy, being more active, losing weight etc, I am sort of looking at my financial wellness as well. I am trying to spend less frivolously and make my dollar go further. We are fortunate to not have to pinch every penny but we need to be better about saving money where we can. Also, I do NOT need any new clothes or shoes or beauty products. As much as it makes me feel good, I just can't do it this year. #1 space is getting slim in the closet and #2 our money can be spent and saved more wisely. contacted me before the Holidays to do a post about their site. I had never heard of them before but agreed to give them a trial run. One of the best things about blogging, and getting to try new things, is to actually discover a site that you would truly use and offers an alternative allowing you to save money.

Right off the bat, I searched for diapers. I always need them and they are hella expensive. We really like Pampers Swaddlers but #1 it's tough to always find the Propah Toddlah's size and #2 anywhere online doesn't really offer the best discount. I was pleasantly surprised to find the size I wanted and a decent price on diapers on Ex: Pampers Swaddlers Economy pack, Size 5 on Amazon is not even available and the comparable Size 6 is $45+ dollars. On, they're available and $35.77 with free 2 day shipping (and by the end of the experience they were $26.57). Saves me a trip to the store (time is money) and I get exactly what I want. Believe me when I say, that I was surprised that they had Amazon beat but it just goes to show, that you have to do your research if you want to save money. I did this same exercise with trash bags, light bulbs and other household items and all were cheaper on Plus, with every item you add to your cart, you save money. You can also forgo the option to return, which saves you additional money. I won't be returning diapers so I'll take that change back, thanks!

In addition to the little things that add up while shopping the site (return waived, debit payment discount, more items added discount), has something called "Jet Anywhere" which allows you to shop through on other sites (like I did with Uniqlo, 15% JetCash back) which then will translate to a percentage back to you in Jetcash. If you use Jet a lot, the % rate of return on your purchases is actually pretty great and it just goes right back into your household shopping budget. Mama likes.

Since I was a first time customer, I used a discount code they provided for creating a new account (which you can do here). Always look for a discount code when shopping anywhere and you'd be surprised at how often you could take another 10-20% off of  your order. The product arrived within a couple of days, albeit in separate shipments in some cases, so I cannot complain about that aspect at all, if we are going to compare to other sites. For no money out of my pocket, unless you consider the Jet Cash earned through my Uniqlo purchase, I was able to get 104 diapers, trash bags, light bulbs, Dog Dental Treats, Erasable Pens, and some crafting supplies (four grommet and eyelet kits) for under $70. Just looking at my cart before and once I placed the order, you can definitely see the savings on each item.... Plus, I had a good time doing it, SAVING MONEY!

If you are serious about saving money for your family in the New Year, then I urge you to check our They have an extremely wide variety of products that you are used to seeing on other sites, and even some  you have found aren't available elsewhere. Just because you have been shopping a site for what seems like an eternity, doesn't mean that they are always offering you the best deal. Just keep Jet in mind in the future.

* provided me a credit to shop their site. Though I did recieve compensation, all opinions are my own and I did try to show you the honest experience I had shopping with them.

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