Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Elena Brower's Art of Attention Deck

Elena Brower is one of my favorite yogis. I first experienced her instruction at the Yoga Reaches Out New England event last year and I was just in awe of how great her/our practice made me feel. Imagine how excited I was to get to hit the mat with her again at BlogHer this past Summer for back to back morning sessions (shout out to Depend for sponsoring!). I was 100% officially an Elena Brower yoga fan. This post, I guess, is a sort of gushy one but really it's more so to introduce my readers to some amazingly motivational yoga cards. I have to thank the super sweet Rebecca Casciano for introducing me to the Elena Brower's Art of Attention Yoga Healing Cards at the Well Summit in November. In her Sacred Beauty session, she had us all pull a card from the deck and noted that most likely, no matter which card that you pulled, it would speak to you on any given day. It was true, I found something that resonated with me in the card that I chose from the deck. Ever since then, I've been thinking about getting the entire set for my every day because it's really important to have conversations with yourself to remain grounded. I made hints to get them gifted to me and it just didn't happen so I finally made the decision and now they are home (because they're on Amazon, hello and that made it easy + I'm an independent woman!). I made a commitment to be more mindful this year, and felt that this would be a worthwhile purchase. Whether it's with my morning coffee before my son wakes up or after a calming yoga practice away from home, these cards are sure to be a (beautiful) reminder of the important things that we should cherish and be thoughtful of. I would recommend them to anyone who asked, really.

If you've never practiced with Elena, you should check out Elena's Calendar to see if there is a class or workshop near you! She's traveling all over this Spring from New England, NYC, CA to the UK and Australia; she is trekking to spread the good vibes. I am trying to see if I can make her Art of Attention weekend in West Hartford in March, since it's only about an hour or so away. Her weekly/monthly classes in NYC are likely amazing so check those out if you're a New Yorker. It's worth your time to take care of yourself and your mind so I encourage you to hit the mat and meditate on life sometimes, if only for a few minutes.

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