Friday, August 14, 2015

Mom is Tired with a Toddler in "School"

My child has been growing at what seems an abnormally quick rate. It seems like just yesterday I was bringing him to his first day of daycare and now, in just a few weeks, he will be moving to the toddler classroom. It's strange to talk about a 15 month old like he is in school, but it fits the position we are in. Whether we like it or not, we are working for a living over here in the Propah Household so we have to put our first born in "school". We call it school because now that he's running and talking and playing with other kids, it's more of a learning atmosphere than a place that keeps our kid alive while we work.

Along with the new classroom, comes a new list of things that I need, which I really didn't think would apply to my life for a few more years. Wes' teacher asked me yesterday if I had a lunch box for him, which as I type this out, does seem like a reasonable question. But when she asked me, I was like umm, no, does he need one? Of course he needs one. I bring his lunch for him now, right? Oh, I also need to bring extra clothes not just for accidents but for when they have water play outside after it's rained. Extra, extra sets of clothes? What? This mothering thing has got me all "wide eyed" emoji face.... but I will persevere. Wine.

The email today is what sent me over the edge. Even though Wes goes to "school" every day, there's still the start to a new school year. I am getting a "Back to School" with no break from school, with a 15 month old, who can only say three words Oggie, Dada and Mmmm. He has picture day coming up with a portrait studio. So much for being eased into this. Please send wine. So what does this mom need for "back to school"? Ummm, I guess I need to get my kid a lunch box and anything wine related. Because, wine, wine is the dear friend that is going to help me chill out at night, invite guests over to decompress. Wine will be there on date night- I guess we'll invite my husband. Wine.*

What do you do to get "back to you" with "back to school?"

*please make note that I do not condone overdrinking. I am a "one glass of wine, fall asleep on the couch" kind of girl!

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