Thursday, March 26, 2015

This Blogger at the Barre

This month, I was invited to a Blogger Barre class! Yay!  I had excitedly replied to the invite because I love trying new fitness classes (see previous FlyWheel class) and always feel awesome after going. Fast forward to Saturday morning...*Gulp*... I was like "Ummm, how do I get out of this?" I was cranky. The baby was cranky. It was snowing... you know, all the regular excuses I could make. But no, not today. I was going. Because I know that people put a lot of work into throwing events like this, I knew that I couldn't bow out last minute, plus, I had already scheduled this time outside of the house without baby or husband, so this was a Saturday set up for "me".

Get there on time. Find parking. Already feeling accomplished. Hug Elissa. Scan room for anyone I recognize. Oh, hi Liz, Jaime and Jen! Class starts. Mirrors everywhere. Starting to glisten. Wow, muscles I didn't know I had, activated. Did I put deodorant on today? Yes, deodorant, activated. Music is really good, I'm jamming. This really is a good workout. I understand what everyone raves about. Legs feel a little like jelly. Wow, Jen is good at this. Watch Jen to make sure you're doing it right. Don't let Jen catch you staring. Damn, Forgot to set my fitbit for a workout. Attempt to do the splits as instructed. When in Rome! I did OK. Class ends. As suspected, I feel awesome.... and glad I went.

This was my first ever barre class and though I was nervous, I had great support both in the people surrounding me and the two bras that I was wearing. The music was great, the instructor was super helpful so that I made the most out of this workout. I would most definitely go back because I have been feeling the effects of the class all week! Thanks to  Elissa of Style Wire and Simply Barre South Boston for busting this Mama's butt!

Have you ever been to a barre class? What did you think?

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