Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tasty Tidbits

So my dog has been using everything that is lying around for the baby. The boppy is now a head pillow. Stuffed monkeys are chew toys. You get the idea. The baby himself is also a new person to give doggy kisses too... so that's cute. Also, I am thinking I want to get a cut and color to look like Debbie Harry. Are we down with that?

The Tap Tap Tap Concealer method is a must try. I am always bummed at how quickly I run out of concealer but turns out that I have been applying it all wrong! (via Marie Claire)

So many have performed the classic songs from Sound of Music but besides the original, I was pretty much obsessed with Lady Gaga's version from The Oscars. And then Julie Andrews gave her a long hug. Cue Tears. Here is a round up of all the performances for the Sound of Music 50th Anniversary (Via People)

I'll keep reminding you: Yoga Reaches Out New England Yogathon is taking place Sunday April, 26th at the Field House at Gillette Stadium. I joined my yoga studio's team and am raising money for Yoga Reaches OutBen Speaks Louder than Words and Boston Children's Hospital. I have never done two 2 hour sessions in a day but I think it will be super fun and for a great cause! Want to help me secure a mat space and also help these awesome charities? You can visit my personal page here to make a donation of any size!

These LOFT sunglasses are my new jam. I have gotten SO many compliments on them and I have, seriously, never really gotten compliments on sunglasses. These are definitely going in a case and being taken care of so they can stay with me forever and ever.

I'm sorry, but making the rounds this week on the nets is Kylie Jenner's makeup mishap, where her cleavage contouring went wrong. When I read the article, I was reminded that Kylie is 17 years old. No 17 year old should look like she does. Is that judgmental of me? I guess I am really bothered that she has already had "work" done and feels the need to alter the look of her bosoms and she hasn't even hit the legal age to buy scratch tickets. If I am ever to have a daughter, I will be keeping her under lock and key! ;-) (via Cosmo)

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