Monday, December 8, 2014

#ShareJaneLove Campaign

It's the time of year where we are showing those around us that we love and care for them, thankful for their presence in our lives. I know that I show my love through gifts, little trinkets, or making something yummy but sometimes, you just need to put that love into words, expressing it for all to hear. You may remember's Be The Good campaign from earlier this year. They encouraged you to spread the goodness to people around you and encourage them to do the same. It was an awesome campaign and I was able to see it spread throughout social media. For the holidays, has launched the Share Jane Love campaign. Here's the sitch: will be challenging their followers to nominate an Angel in their life. Someone they look to as an example, a beacon of light a symbol of good. They will ask that they post a picture of them using hashtag #ShareJaneLove and tagging @veryjane then visit the campaign page to confirm your entries in the widget! At the end of the campaign 10 nominated Angels and their nominator, will each win $200 cash! Not too shabby for sharing the love that you should be sharing anyhow, #amIright?

So who did I choose as my angel, my beacon of light? My cousin, Meghan... and I'll tell you why. This year, I had my first child. My cousin had her first child around this time last year so had about a 6 month jump on me. Having your first child is a learn as you go experience unlike any other and boy is it rough on your sleep schedule. As a new Mom, there are struggles a plenty and sometimes it feels like your significant other just doesn't understand, even if they try really hard to. Only someone who has been in your shoes can say "Ummm been there", commiserate and tell you that everything is going to be OK, maybe even doling out some valuable advice at the same time. My cousin was and still is my touchstone for advice, text novellas, thoughtful uses for the "Smiley" poo emoji and will always "Ooh" and "Aaah" at a baby picture. She has also let me cry when I was so tired and things just seemed hopeless aka I might never get sleep again. Having her support has meant so much to me through the pregnancy and the past 6+ months. Shout out to my angel nomination, Meghan Amanda!

*Other Mom shout outs for getting me through some rough patches or at least listening to me complain? You know who you are Bridget (you did all my legwork), Dewey, Tori (Do I complain a lot?), Vicky, Jane , Elise and Laura.

Who is your angel?


  1. Amanda, thanks so much for the post! I can TOTALLY relate -- my sister and I have had babies 3 months apart and then 6 months apart. She can relate in ways my spouse can't. I'm glad Meghan has been able to be there for you. Motherhood is no easy task! Thanks for sharing the love with #ShareJaneLove! xoxo!

  2. Well, you brought tears to my eyes. Happy tears though and not the overly emotional ones that frequent all too often these days. You're one of the most thoughtful and caring people I've ever met and I'm so honored by this!! Thank you for this joy, for being my flagstone, a bestie and a pretty amazing cousin! 💩 (I had to..)


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