Sunday, December 21, 2014

DIY Pennant Banner, Home for the Holidays Style

Have you ever done DIY decor for the holidays? If not, it' not too late to whip up this DIY pennant banner before the family comes over this week! This is the project that will get you started and feeling confident... I am still so jazzed about how much fun I had at the Home for the Holidays event in early November. Wayfair and Boston Bloggers threw such a fabulous event full of amazing women and awesome DIY/crafting sessions. One that I thought was so great, because it was so easy, was the session where we all whipped out awesome DIY Pennant Banners for your mantle, headboard, wall... ummm well just about anywhere. I thought I would share this with you guys since it's most definitely something that anyone can do and for any holiday, just pick your colors/fabric and you can have this done in not time.

What you'll need:
  • Fat quarters of 3-4 different yet complimentary fabrics (you can get fat quarters prefolded at any fabric store or you can ask for a cut at the counter, 1/4 yard should suffice)
  • Pinking Scissors (the kind with the zig zag edges)
  • Twine or ribbon, corresponding to your fabrics
  • Glue or thick thread/darning needle (big, dull needle), depending on how you'd like to build
  • Craft Paint and brush to apply

So simple, just like I said. You'll want to cut as many triangle shaped pieces, preferable the same sizes, out of corresponding fabrics. Use your pinking scissors. This will keep the fabric from fraying and no sewing edges! Fold over the top an inch or so on each triangle then iron down. You can either assemble using needle and thread or by gluing. I will say that gluing is a whole lot quicker but if you want cute stitching, well, then you need to stitch! Stitching at each corner, leave enough slack to connect each pennant. The length is up to you, just make sure it's equal between each.

With Glue, evenly space each piece and glue between your fold on top. You know I love me some Tacky Glue so that's what I recommend. I actually hung mine to dry so that worked for me.

Check out a couple of my favorites from the Home for the Holidays event as well as mine on my sweet little mantle place. It's so easy, quick and you can even do this with kids for other holidays, just make sure your fabric matches your holiday. What do you think?


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