Friday, October 24, 2014

My Fall Favorites

There have been a few things I have snagged as the weather has gotten colder, because #1 I needed to keep warm and #2 I just simply love shopping. My new favorite thing to do is shop without breaking the bank and while hitting the amazing sales but there have been some key items that I have bought because they needed to be a part of my Fall wardrobe. My fab four are as follows:

Plaid Shirts- A classic staple, yet every year I see a new design that I need for my collection. Whether you want to spend $15 (Old Navy) or $225 (Hudson), there are so many cool options for any budget! My top pick? This Men's American Rag Frosty Plaid number... hey, a men's cut is comfy and sorta sexy!

Construction/Combat Type Boots- You're probably thinking, How can a pair of construction boots be fashionable? Well, I pose the opposite... How can they not? I bought this pair of Rock and Candy Bulldozer booties for a really good price, to try the trend on for myself. I wear these all the time, whether it's daycare drop off or out shopping with my crew (most recently crew of one, that I push in a stroller). They look so cool with a bootcut jean... I dare you to try a pair of these on and not love the look!

Puffer Vests- A somewhat staple item, I have had to get my family new pieces this season. My husband has surprisingly never owned one, and mine had gotten embarrassingly ratty. I got us matching black ones, because I am cool like that, but whatevs, we have a baby now which I use as my excuse for everything!

Blanket Scarves- This is sort of a new one for me. Scarves are a must here in the Northeast but I have never been one to buy a super big one then wrap it around myself, like a blanket... but the more I see other bloggers sporting them or my fave retailers offering them, I think that this was something that was bound to make it's way to my fashion-y heart. This Topshop beauty? Swoon.

What are you must haves this Fall?


  1. Great list. I'm a big fan of the plaid shirt and the blanket scarf!


  2. are you in my brain? i've literally been thinking about shopping for all four of these.

  3. I love to wear plaid shirts in the fall and winter.


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