Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Brrrrrrr, there is a chill in the air... it's the impending doom that is a New England Winter. What is a girl going to do? Well, for one thing, every lady I know, knows that bundling up is almost as important as looking good... because who wants to freeze their buns off? Not me. Enter Salem Style, a handmade line of snuggly, crocheted goodies out of the near and dear Salem, Massachusetts. Owner and Creator Lianna Wattley has been crocheting for years but has only just begun spreading her goodness among the masses. I, personally, have a hat and finger-less mittens from last season as well as one of her new dreamy, over sized cowls that she has just released. The Propah Baby also happens to have worn a Salem Style beanie, pretty much from birth. Her creations have a touch of love in every piece, you can just tell that she puts her heart into her work.  Lianna was sweet enough to answer some questions about her growing brand. Check out her deets after the jump!
What drove you to initially start crocheting and also starting Salem Style?

I have been crocheting forever! My mom taught me when I was about 7 or 8 years old.  For about 15 years I was crocheting on and off, and the only things that I was making were rectangular (scarves and blankets) A few years ago I really wanted to make my boyfriend a snowboarding beanie hat for Christmas. I had never made a hat before and when my mom and grandmother were visiting me one time in Salem, they both sat down and taught me how to make a hat. I made a bunch of hats (to practice) and one of them I ended up wearing all the time. Everyone kept asking me where I bought it, and when I told them I made it, they said they wanted to buy one from me! After I sold my first hat, I just never stopped.

You refer to your Salem Style accessories as the dessert of Winter apparel. What makes your creations so special? 

Each item is made 100% by me and I put care into everything. I really take the time to pick out the yarn that I use. Everyone always seems incredibly bummed out be winter and getting bundled up. I wanted to create something that would make the colder seasons more fun. I figured with bright colors and soft textures, that I could make layering accessories like the “icing on the cake”.
What are some of your favorite brands/designers? How do you style your Salem Style accessories best?

I have always been a fan of Rachel Zoe. She always looks bundled up and piles on the accessories, but it completely works for her. And as a stylist, she is able to find items that flatter women and show off their unique style. As far as brands go, I love Free People, Romeo & Juliet Couture, Vince Camuto, Kate Spade, and Maison Jules (I know it's a pretty big range).

The thing I like about Salem Style, is that the accessories work for any type of girl. It doesn't matter what your personal style is, there is something that will work with your look. Each piece is versatile and will compliment what you wear. I personally like adding a slouchy beanie to a more formal look, or wearing a bow headband with my skinny jeans and rocker tees. It's all about unexpected matches for me.

What do you love to do in the Boston area, when you aren't crocheting that is?

Shopping!!!! But seriously, I love a good shopping trip (it can be a bit of a problem) but I also really enjoy experiencing different restaurants and going to museums. I've also been trying to take yoga classes when I can. (I've gone to one. But I intend on going to more!)

Where do you see Salem Style heading in the future?

I am always looking for expansion. Right now I primarily sell on Etsy, but I would love to have my own site. I am also looking to be step away from being in front of the camera, and have more people model items in my shop. I just want to keep creating. I love that I have the chance to make something for anyone in the world. 

Catch Lianna on Twitter, Facebook and her blog... do you want to be snuggly warm with Salem Style for yourself? Use code PROPAHSTYLE in her Etsy Shop for 15% off your order!

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  1. Love love love. I need a new hat. I'm about to go get sucked into the Etsy vortex of shopping I have a feeling.


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