Friday, June 7, 2013

Work From Home Style, Keeping it Real

A couple of months ago, my company moved me out of the corporate office that I was working in on the daily and to my home "office". Office is in quotations because we sort of had an office area that quickly became a real life office when I moved to home. One of my co workers who also works from home gave me some advice. She said, "Amanda, make sure you get up and get ready just like you were going to work. Keep a routine." I totally agreed with what she was saying and started off with a bang. I was flying out of bed, showering, getting "real" clothes on and working at the desk all day. Fast forward to a couple of weeks later and the "real" clothes turned into comfy sweats and t-shirts. I justified this by saying "hey Amanda, no one is going to see what you're wearing, why not be comfortable?" Makes enough sense, right? Well, it doesn't take long before you start to feel schlubby. The man would come home from work and while he would never say anything, I imagined him thinking what a schlub I was. Then I went to the Blog Better Boston Style Summit and was really excited to put makeup on, do my hair and wear cute clothes. When I mentioned this to a couple of gals and we chatted about it, I was inspired to make it my part time job to look cute and also comfortable for my full time job... and I asked other bloggers to give me their take on the same! Check out how I keep it real, while working from home, after the jump.

Outfit #1 Items: Gap always skinny Jeans in White, Old Navy Star Wars Graphic Tee, Hand Painted Canvas Sneakers, Necklace by CC Sky from RocksBox

I have varying degrees of needs when it comes to comfort at home. I don't want to be too cold or too hot. I often like to cross my legs and sit that way for hours at a time (I know, bad for my knees). I don't want to feel too constricted. These are basically the criteria I use when deciding what I want to wear on any given day. So how can I dress for the day, be super cute and stylish while also meeting my comfort criteria? Well, I have some keep comfort casual pieces that I think you'll agree, are perfect for working from home/staying at home while also being more than acceptable to run errands and answer the door for the hunky UPS guy. Some of my favorites for this Summer are floral and graphic tops, flowy dresses, all sort of denim and making sure that I apply a dash of makeup:

Outfit #2 Items: Target Mossimo Boyfriends Shorts, Floral Shirt from CiChic, Lucas Jack Lucky Duck Earrings from RocksBox, Headband from Ann Taylor (similar)

Some of my favorite Price Conscious Bottoms (Denim and Shorts):

My favorite, price conscious Sassy Tees and Tops: 

My favorite, price conscious Flowy Dresses: 

Check out my partners in crime today, all highlighting their own take on this topic:

Jess from Styled by Jess: What to Wear When Working From Home
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Christine from Rules for the Modern Girl: A Modern Girl Workday
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*You can catch Melissa on her blog, Facebook and Twitter


  1. Amanda, those last two photographs are gorgeous! Has anyone ever told you you look like Belinda Carlisle from the Go-Go's? Thank you so much for putting together this link up!

  2. I love this post Amanda (you're so pretty!) You three are so lucky to work from home! Have a great weekend xo Georgina

  3. Love this! I'm totally in my PJs right now while I'm working from home....

  4. Amanda - first, I love your mani in the first pic! And your work from home style is fab - cute IS key, agreed!

  5. Thanks so much for being a part of the posts Jess! I thought it was so much fun! We should brainstorm about the next topic!

  6. There are some days, admittedly, where the pjs stay on past an appropriate hour ;-)

  7. Oh my gosh Georgina and you're so pretty! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. No one has every mentioned that to me haha but I can sort of see it. Thanks so much for participating. We should brain storm about new topics!

  9. I work from home and if I have no meetings or something, I work in my PJs all day makeup nothing...doesn´t bother me or anyone else...I like it and it makes dressing up exciting :)

  10. I love this post! I completely feel on this topic! I work from home a few times per week and I really make an effort to keep that routine and stay cute! My friends think I'm crazy but it makes me "feel" more like I'm in a professional setting! Completely understand! Love the kicks in the first look and the floral top in the 2nd! Super cute!

    xo, Kenya @ Kenya L Fashion Blog

  11. When I work from home, It's usually because I'm blogging or baking. I pretty mush live in tees and jeans! But I've found ways to dress it up and make it more stylish when I have to go outside for a bit, or glam it up for cocktails come happy hour. Basic v-necks and my fave Hudson jeans, and then add a pop of color with some awesome shoes and a statement necklace and a great handbag. I basically rely on accessories!

  12. I have been working from home for years now and I have fallen into the slob category. Pajamas all day. No make up but I do brush my teeth! Lately I have been feeling tired of my work look and now I am making an effort to pretty up. I feel better when I have some make up on and dressed.

  13. I have the option of wearing more casual attire when I go to work. I've noticed that whenever I do, I don't stay as focused. So, now, I force myself to dress up at work. Now I'm known as the one who always has cute outfits! Maybe you could be the one around your office as the one who is wearing cute outfits. ;) I know we'd support you 10000%!

  14. Leggings and a basic v-neck tee, depending on temperature. Even if I'm out, when I come home I'll change into those comfier bottoms!

    I do have comfier shirts, and if I'm exhausted and not careful I could even fall asleep in an abundance of ruffles.

    I actually find the time I spend gussying up cuts into productivity. It's fun, but I'm the girl who can't not "try hard" (harder for me to fight the urge) and I'm slow at almost anything worthwhile. Also, I need my sleep and most days can use a quicker jumpstart to be among other humans. I also keep in mind working looong hours helped me immensely in the past. I don't want to waste precious hustle time.


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