Monday, June 17, 2013

Fierce, Funky Florals

Everything is all about floral lately.... well, at least to me, I am definitely drawn to the floral clothing, backs, headwear, you name it. I also like that not every floral print is a romantic one. Some are harder and edgier, which Mama can definitely appreciate. It's a way of being feminine but also showing you aren't always a prissy, though I saw a spider today that proves that I am sometimes a prissy.

Jordana Brewster in a Sportmax Dress, Olivia Munn in Max Mara, Emmy Rossum in Oscar de la Renta
Obviously I cannot afford Oscar de la Renta but fortunate for us gals, there is a copious amount of retailers catering to those who want a funkier floral print. Want to see some of my faves?

ASOS Pencil Dress in Floral Jacquard, London Rebel Wedge with Chunky Straps in Floral Print, DP Black Floral Multi Dress, TopShop Floral Fabric Headband, Topshop Tall Floral Embroidered Crop,Summer Floral Flippy Dress, Tall Acid Leaf Trousers


  1. I like floral prints when its limited to two or three colors, otherwise it looks too busy to me.

  2. Love the funky florals dear :) This is perfect for the season :)


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