Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Built an Outfit Around Shoes, Yep

This Sunday, the man and I didn't have too much to do besides go to Toys R Us to pick up some Giving Tree gifts and some odds and ends from the grocery store. Obvi, you don't have to look magnificent to head out shopping but hey, you can look cute right? I just recently purchased some Minnetonka Moccasins Fringed Moc that have become a surefire staple in my collection these days. I knew I wanted to wear them, simple as that... but that meant I had to build my outfit around the moccasins. No big, I suppose. Shoes are my thing, so I am used to it. ;-)

Have you ever built an every day outfit around your shoes?


  1. Totally agree I am a shoes addict who might require therapy in the future. LOL and often do the same build an outfit around my shoes. great title love it. I must blog about this one day too. I like your blog looking forward to future updates :).

  2. Oh girl, this is usually how I get dressed. "Hi, my name is Candida and I'm addicted to shoes"...lol!
    I love a little Moc action too - Minnetonka makes such cute one's.

    Have a great Saturday!


  3. Wedges shoes in army green, I love comfortable shoes with lace, I love high heels in red.


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