Wednesday, December 19, 2012

An Ode to Delia Ephron

I write this post as an ode to Delia Ephron. Technically an "ode" is related to music but at the end of the day, what do I care?  I saw Delia speak a couple weeks ago at the Massachusetts Women's Conference. While I owed her and #MassWomen this post directly afterwards, boy is this dang wedding taking up a lot of my time! (2 weeks to go people!) Anyhow, I have to say that out of all the brilliant keynotes and breakout session speakers at the conference, Delia Ephron was the most honest, touching and entertaining out of the bunch, in my opinion (with Brene Brown in a close second).

When I first looked at the schedule of speakers and the breakout sessions, I was immediately drawn to the Delia Ephron breakout session because, admittedly, I love The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, which Delia penned the screenplay for. The session topic was basically dealing with crossroads in your life and working through them. My first impression was, eh, while I really want to hear Delia speak, I don't really consider myself at a crossroads. I'll just plop myself in the sesh and see if I can glean anything fun or interesting from this talented author. Once I was there in the flesh? It was a totally different story. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I loved Delia, her attitude and that fierce leather jacket.

Of course, she warmed up the crowd with one of my favorite topics, SHOES! She was looking natural and comfortable that day, wearing what she feels is one of the best items in a woman's wardrobe, her boots.

Once, she started getting into the meat of her session, Delia began to tell her story of how she became an author, what led her and brought her to where she is today. She spoke of family and of her relationships with those in her life, citing funny things her Dad said to her growing up and learning from her sister, author Nora Ephron. I could type out all the notes I took as I was feverishly trying to remember all the nuggets of wisdom or just plain amusing things that Delia said. Rather than doing that, I will just share some of my favorite quotes from Delia that day, which I can honestly say are some inspirational sticky note shiz, my friends.

In regard to women having the career, the family, the husband, the kids, etc... "Having it all is different for every woman." Amen, sister.

In regard to supporting women in your life and building eachother up."You're sisters with every woman you meet and don't forget it." Girl, preach it.

In response to an inquiry from an audience member about searching for your passion, while Delia didn't have the perfect answer for the woman, (I mean how can you direct someone on how to find something that has to be organic) Delia said something I loved. "An ideal life consists of things you're passionate about whether it's statistics or Crème brûlée." WORD.

At the risk of sounding a little creepy, I just thought Delia was awesome and I am so happy that I scooted up front to catch her session. I have a new appreciation for her work and also for the actual crossroads I happen to be at in my life. I so enjoyed her and the women that were in the session with me.

Huffington Post article on Delia's Session:

You can grab Delia's latest book, The Lion is In, which I am bringing on the honeymoon with me, because dang if I have any time before then. Let me know if you've read it or if you attended the session at #MassWomen, I'd love your thoughts on it!

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