Monday, April 25, 2011

Makin' Earrings with Friends

So this past weekend, I got together with some friends to do what? Be crafty...That's right, make some jewelry (my dearest Petal and Pink would be so proud)... My friends (one of which is also my cousin) and I sometimes get together to do crafty things...

...once we puff painted t-shirts to wear to the Twilight premiere (awesome shirts... premiere? noted to selves not to see the 7pm showing with 30.1 million 10 year olds)...

...another time we decorated t-shirts and watched Girls Just Want to Have Fun; said T-shirts got us through a sobriety checkpoint on the way home...

Officer: What have you ladies been doing this evening? Me: Puff Painting T-shirts, Officer shines light in backseat where said shirts are drying. Officer: Go ahead ...

.... so needless to say we are pretty successfully crafty when we get together... Our goal this time? Earrings! I brought over what I had for findings and beads and we went to town. I am not usually a jewelry maker per se but I have dabbled in the past. Any way you slice it, we had a great time. (The menfolk played video games and tended to our pizzas).

We, of course, had to stop for a mini photo shoot which had some hilarious outtakes and some good shots as well. It's just nice to spend some time with friends being crafty and making each other laugh.



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Can you email me a copy of the last photo? So adorbs! <3

  2. Love it!! Leesha wore her's to work and they looked fabulous!

  3. Looks like so much fun! your earrings turned out fabulous too :)

  4. Oh my goodness, this looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!! I hadn't ever really thought of having a crafting party, but the other week I got some girlfriends together to make tissue paper flowers for decorations for our big day (July 16), and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!! And we were all like, "why don't we do this more often???" We are going to do a few more before July, but I think I might have to adopt this into my regular "lifestyle" :) hahaha

    Thanks for the crafty party inspiration!!!! Where do you live? I wanna come to one!


    Let me know when you jump out of a plane! :) I'll cheer for you!

  5. I love craft parties! Great job with the earrings!


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