Friday, April 8, 2011

Let Me Help with Your Hair

I have been traveling a lot lately for work. This wears me down and more importantly, it makes me miss home. My home has the things I love; my man, my furbabies, my struggling herb garden... all the comforts that home brings. This past trip was grueling because I felt not only was it a waste of my time work wise but in turn felt like it was a waste of my time life wise. Nothing was accomplished and nothing was gained... and to boot President Obama flew in/out of Philly the day I departed, leaving that airport in a state of upheaval and me sitting in between two businessmen with Kindles for 4-5 hours... it was not fun.

I was home yesterday for my first full day back but I went to work, came home, watched my America's Next Top Model on the dvr and fell asleep on the couch... where I slept the entire night. It was only this morning, when manfriend asked me to help him do his hair, that I really felt so happy to be home. He has a new hairdo and he wanted me to help out to make it look handsome... whether he needed my help or not, he let me help with his hair.

Home is really where my heart is. 
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  1. Simple and sweet things of home - I love those too!

  2. Aw, in our family we call that monkey grooming. It's a special thing. Welcome home!

  3. Sleeping in your own bed with your own surroundings is the best. And, being with the one's you love even better.

    What a nice surprise to see my print. Thank you!


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