Thursday, March 17, 2011

Scarf Loving with a Dash of Buttony Goodness!

So my crafty self was looking at some of the fabric that I just had hanging around and thought that I should try to find a quick and easy project to work on so that I got some crafting satisfaction pretty quickly, ie instant gratification. Enter this little project off of the "I am Momma Hear Me Roar" blog, reconstruction-esque area of the site. Yay for fun projects whilst also being simultaneously awesomely easy! See my take on the Buttony wrap/scarfy thing. Yay!

I started with a scarf that has been in my "Ghosts of Scarves Past" drawer for quite some time. I mean, if I did a botch job on this, then well, I would give it a proper burial without shedding too many tears. Anyhoo, I took that, about a 1/4 yard of cotton fabric from "The Collection" for the pockets, and some buttons from the stash... and was on my way. (Note: Here is where I get nervous because, well, I am ashamed to say I had never done a button hole before)... Anyway, I did it and my only issue came when I realized the scarf was too short. Next time, I'll know. All in all, it was fun and easy to do!

Watch out for these guys today!

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