Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Near Perfect Day Date!

I don't know why I want to share this nearly perfect day date with you...but I will. So it's restaurant week here in Boston so manfriend and I decided to partake in a little yum yums for less than usual, ala price fixe menus at some swanky swank establishments. We made lunch reservations at The Chart House on the waterfront, planned to "wing it" in Boston until our dinner reservations at Lineage in Brookline. Well let me just say that having those two bookend meal reservations not only gave us freedom but also day date creativity for a trip into Beantown.

We got our morning coffee at Starbucks; manfriend ran in and took so long, I had a lot of time to do the following photoshoot with my Blackberry; please note that any extended amount of time waiting + brand new Coral colored lipstick = America's Next Top Model moments:

We had an absolutely lovely lunch at The Chart House. Our meals, a combination of Lobster roll and Tilapia, clam chowder and Boston Creme Pie (which we took to go), we "yum yummers" as the man would say. We took a walk around, with the wind whipping, did a mini photo shoot and grabbed our car from the valet. It was decidedly too windy on the waterfront. We headed inland.

The original plan was to try and catch The King's Speech or an indie film at Coolidge Corner but but we took our time getting there and the shows were already sold out. Oh well, there was plenty to walk around and see. We went to a comic books store (yes a comic book store) and wouldn't you know that I was the only one to make a purchase. I needed reading material for a business trip, people!

We then decided to just walk around and see where the mood took us... and the mood took me right into Pier 1 Imports, much to manfriend's dismay... buuuuuuuuuuut we did come out with these awesome fishy votive holders for our "by the sea" themed upstairs bathroom and this ginormous birdie soap dispenser that we just had to have, for our downstairs bathroom, theme be damned!

Next we went to an awesome papercraft and gifts shop called Paper Source where I picked up a card for Emma, some stickers, and some stamping materials. I was giddy with girly delight while manfriend was merely along for the ride...

Here is where we lost our steam... with nearly 2 hours until our dinner reservation, the wind a whipping and me with packing left to do, we decided to cancel our dinner reservations. We vowed to come back to Lineage very soon but just didn't have the walking and waiting in us for the rest of the day. We ended up getting Thai, watching Extras and relaxing on our last night together before I left town... Sometimes the best laid plans don't pan out but this nearly perfect day date did, even with the canceled dinner reservations.


  1. sounds like a wonderful date! the card, stickers and stamp for Emma are super cute you are such a sweetheart. I love paper source and am very jealous you have a store you can visit!

  2. Aww I love this post. <3 you!


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