Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Time after Time

So it's a new year and what do you need in a new year? That's right, a new calendar. Well I bought a "My Little Pony" calendar for the workplace (Juvenile? Maybe. Awesome? Definitely.) but I didn't want something like that in my home, mainly because manfriend would probably not want to look at that all year. Also, I wanted something where I could attached notes, business cards and such so it would be at my eye level. So I devised and conquered a plan as follows:

The idea spawned from Spoonflower which, if you haven't heard of them, is an awesome website where you can get your fabric designs printed, get others designs and enter contests and such. It really is a lot of fun. Any ways, one of their contests was a fabric design contest for calendars for 2011. You know what this meant? I had a TON of options to choose from (see here) for my 2011 Calendar. Once I chose my favorite? All I had to do was order a fat quarter and viola! It was a calendar printed on fabric. I chose 2011 Birdies by Cynthia Frenette.

Second, I got myself a regular ol' memory board type thing on the cheap at Micheal's (a thank you coupons):

Next, I took my pinking shears to those edges and made my Calendar fabric nicer to work with (buttered it up!). I then smocked the edges a bit to give them the effect of a fitted sheet.

You get where I am going here? That's right. I fitted that sheet right over the bed (ie the edges of the memory board):
And Yes, that is Henry sitting in a chair watching me intently...
Once I fitted it around, I took out some of my extra pins (because Lord knows I have extra) and am using them to attach the things I want to my calendar. Get it? Because there is a memory board underneath the cloth calendar... Genius!


  1. adorable calendar! what a neat idea, you are always thinking out of the box, love it!

  2. i love this calendar! and stretching it onto a memory board? pure genius!


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