Friday, January 21, 2011

OM: It's all a balancing act

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with one of my neighbors in the hallway. We hadn't see each other in awhile and started to chat. She sadly told me that I hadn't seen her because her and her husband had split up and she is back and forth between this apartment/ her new one. She went on to tell me all the heartbreaking stuff that is going on, including having to find homes for all of her animals. Her Ex took the dogs but her 3 cats needed to be placed. She had found a shelter for one and still had two. Immediately, the problem solver in me said, "Well maybe we could take one!". I instantly regretted the decision thinking that manfriend would be upset with me for not discussing it with him first. Surprisingly, he was very supportive and said "Let's give it a shot." We discussed taking the cat for a trial run this past weekend.

Oh how I wish I weren't so optimistic/ unrealistic sometimes! I already have a cat and a dog, who happen to be the sweetest little creatures known to man. Well... Now I certainly know how to piss those sweet little creatures off... it's called bringing in an outsider. I never realized how great my animals are,  how much I can trust them... until I can't trust them anymore. Our life was at such a sweet balance until we threw a wrench in it with a new animal. Now it's breaking up literal cat fights, assuring the dog that it will all be OK, giving each animal special lovin's, coddling everyone's egos...

My One Moment this week was the realization that life is always a balancing act, juggling all those balls in the air. It's easy to forget when you have been juggling the same balls for so long that you are, in fact, still juggling. I mistakenly expected taking in the new cat to be seamless. WRONG! It's obvious now that it's going to be hard work to bring peace to this home again. I know that we will get there though; I'm sure of it. I just gotta throw one more ball in the air and learn how to juggle it with all the others (and pray that these cats become best friends in the near future!). Anyways, it's always a balancing act... and I am sorry I said balls so many times in this post.


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  1. +10 points for tagging this post with "balls".

  2. Yes! This is a great reminder to us all, thanks! This week, with the hubby sick in bed, I realize how much I count on him to juggle a lot of the balls...mornings without Daddy are chaos personified!

    (+10 points to Justin - best comment ever!)

  3. We may have to end this friendship simply because I had no idea you had a dog, too! I love me some puppies, the cats now can be overlooked. But watch out, or I'm ending this a la Kelsey and Camille.

    In all serious seriousness, hopefully the animals find their peace soon!

  4. Love the comic! I'd much rather juggle balls than coffee. Life will always be a balancing act AND a matter of perspective. Some days are graceful; Others, not so much.

  5. Those same balls... we definitely forget we're juggling sometimes when we become content in our surroundings. Your animals will all get along soon - they just need an adjustment period, like we all do.

  6. We are all struggling with balance in life as evident in all of our OM posts, LOL. And it does change constantly. What would we learn if we didn't have to adjust...and re-adjust...and repeat, right?!

    Good for you for being a compassionate and caring neighbor and friend. Good for having a supportive manfriend. Extra good for the cat to have found a great home. I hope it all evens out sooner rather than later.


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