Friday, December 10, 2010

Stop and Smell the Eternity

Yesterday I "to the last drop" ran out of my signature scent, Burberry Brit. My mother always gets us a perfume for Christmas and it's about this time of year that I am running on fumes. So begrudgingly I dug around to see what I had for other scents that have been collected over the years. To my surprise, I found a small purse sized bottle of CK Eternity (which is my mother's signature scent). No lie, I can smell it anywhere and immediately thoughts of my super special mama waft into my head. I literally stopped to smell the Eternity and for just that brief moment in the bathroom this morning, I thought about something other than rushing out to work.

Me and mi madre ala shiny facedness


  1. What a great moment. It's important to stop rushing in life, and instead let the moments we live in speak to us. Thank you for sharing this great moment with us.

  2. It's amazing how scents have that kind of power. It's nice to have wonderful memories that are triggered and slow us down for a moment.

    I can almost smell the CK Eternity sitting here. Ah, the memories!


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