Friday, December 17, 2010

Large Bills, Please

Today I woke up and manfriend was like "do you want me to make you coffee or give you money for coffee?" to which I promptly replied, silly like, that I would take his money any day. Well, I rushed to get ready (as per my usual on most days) fully expecting to have a pot of coffee my surprise when I came downstairs getting ready to leave, manfriend handed me a $20 bill (for coffee!!) and a foreign looking coin. He said happily, "It's a dollar coin!" Now, I had never seen a dollar coin (I know, weird) so I was like, "What am I supposed to use this for?" to which he replied, " A soda!". I gave him a kiss and was on my way. Odd little exchange, I know, but we are a little odd.

As I sat here at work, hours later, I caught myself daydreaming about the guy I have been with for just about 2 years. DAYDREAMING! We have been out of the giddy, new relationship period for a loooooooong time but here I am thinking about giving him a hug as soon as I get home. Now before you go thinking that I am the type of girl who needs coffee money to make me happy, that is by NO means the reason that I am daydreaming about him. He just does little things for me, without a complaint (well sometimes with a complaint).

For instance? Today, he is working from home to brave the post office to mail our family gifts, something I had absolutely NO desire to do. For that I am grateful. This is one of the MANY reasons I love him and should show him I appreciate him more. I might just use some of that twenty and get him a hot chocolate on my way home and treat him to some Celine Dion holiday tunes! ;-)

(here is one for you to enjoy! Happy Friday and Happy Holidays!)


  1. This is quite possibly the cutest post ever. My husband does sweet things like this too and I appreciate him so so much. I'm hopping around the Creative Odyssey and found your blog...and now I'm following :)

  2. Awww thanks! We have to let our menfolk know we appreciate them once in awhile, you know?


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