Monday, October 25, 2010

"To Craft" or "To Game", that is the question....

With the release of Fable III upon us, I have to be very honest with myself about how much crafting and creating that I will be able to get done while also giving Fable III the attention that it deserves. Now I occasionally will play some Super Mario Galaxy or the occasional Lego Harry Potter but Fable... now Fable is something special. A friend let me borrow Fable 2 long ago and I could not get it out of my mind. Once I started playing, I could not wait to hurry home from work and play for HOURS on end until I had finally completed all of my quests and finished the game (pssst, this probably took upwards of 30- 40 hours). I was a gaming mess!

Now it is very different. I spend my spare evenings working on pet projects, bags, artwork, little bobbles that I can work on while watching my programs.... how am I supposed to find the time in my busy hobby schedule for Fable III and all that it will do to me (basically take over my life)?? Manfriend has already given me permission to do nothing but play the game in exchange for me allowing him to do the same with another game (I don't know if I like this deal)... I don't know what will happen but I do know I am EXCITED!

I don't  think I shall worry about it. To game or to craft? Either will be just fine with me.

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