Friday, October 29, 2010

Bag de Lindsey's 21st...

So I have started working on the tote bag for my sister's 21st birthday... and no, I am not worried about her seeing this because, let's face it... it may or may not turn out alright. In any event, she is really supportive of my crafty goodness. My grandmother taught me to sew and taught kid sister to knit. Of course, I wanted to knit too but did not have quite the knack for it that Lindsey (kid sister) does and so I quit (I am not usually a quitter). Anyhoo, I know Lindsey would want to see the transition from mere fabrics to a finished good, so here I am... mayhaps I should think about Scotchguarding it in case she spills wine coolers on it. (winky face)

Starting off with the above fabrics... may not use them all but I really thought they all sort of went together... really feeling anything bird related these days, birds, feathers, bird cages.. just not their poop.

In my last batch of dyeables

Strips for... wait for it... Smocking

I love to smock things...

So this is what I have so far for the front of the bag. I am undecided about which way this bag will go whether it be messenger-baggy-esque or tote-baggy-like but I guess I will just have to see how this takes shape.

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