Sunday, August 8, 2010

I Wish Bringing Home the Bacon was as Easy as Eating Bacon

Who doesn't want to earn money doing exactly what they love? My guess is that most people would love to bring home the bacon by eating the bacon (unless you're a vegetarian in which case sub out bacon for hmmmm tofurkey or somethin'). Manfriend wants to design and play video games but is currently working as a software engineer. I want to craft but am a project manager in construction. I'd wager a guess that manfriend is closer to his dream than I am.

Honing my ideas and skills down to something marketable and totally awesome has been harder than I thought. Actually, I haven't even really honed anything down. I have a million ideas and am still going in a million different directions. Today I took a lighter to a synthetic dress from the Goodwill and plan to weave yearn through the burn holes I made. What? What am I thinking sometimes? ( I still think that this idea may work but sometimes ideas don't translate to real life) I am exploring multiple creative avenues in search of something marketable... well I think I am changing my strategy. I am going to explore different creative avenues based ONLY on my pure enjoyment of said creative avenues. I am going to make myself happy even if it means sitting in a pile of vintage fabric cutting shapes out of it which I will then sew onto bandannas for dogs. (Hmmm that just came to me as I was typing but not a half bad idea)

Concentrating on making oneself happy can be a liberating thing, I'm feeling. Manfriend can call me a pyro but if melting synthetic fabrics and playing with yarn makes me happy today? Then hey, I'll be doing it. Unfortunately, I bought a new iron today and need to test 'er out... doing laundry. Tomorrow, yeah, tomorrow I'll be weaving my dream together with yarn and a smile... and Real Housewives of NJ.

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