Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Encouragement Beats the Heck Outta Discouragement

A dear friend of mine told me today, that a job that she really really wanted, didn't pan out. She is so frustrated with the search and the discouragement that comes with really believing in yourself but being let down by someone you don't even know. I just recently found a new job and was feeling the same exact way as her, during my search, so could totally comiserate.

In talking to her and trying to give her some positive reinforcement when she was obviously not feeling very positive, I decided that I should be doing this all the time. I should be positively reinforcing all the people that I love and care about... not just while they are feeling down. Positive words and actions can go a long way...

Tonight, I will...encourage some people I love... even if they are small gestures

- I will cook dinner for manfriend so that he can level up on a game that he hasn't gotten to play because he is an adult and acts like most of the time ;)... even though tonight was his night to cook.

- I will look on job sites and career listings for my downtrodden friend, to keep her hopes up... and send her some serious but also some totally ridiculous job listings.

- I will text my little sister a quote from Muppet Treasure Island... one of our family favorites.

- I will give puppy kisses and take him for that walk (first on the list actually)

- I will send an email to my grandmother to schedule breakfast at the "Shiny Diner" when I go to visit them next week.

-Say some real good prayers about encouraging others... 'cause sometimes it's sure tough.
-And I will read some of my crafting books that I got from the library... to encourage myself. Hugs!


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