Monday, November 25, 2019

Strange Bird Beauty, Creating a Beauty Ritual

*I received product from Strange Bird Beauty in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own and as always, thank you for supporting Prim and Propah.

I was introduced to Strange Bird Beauty this Fall and immediately fell in love with the packaging and the name. We've always used the term "strange bird" in my family, sort of as a term of endearment and embracing the ways that we don't exactly conform to the norm. So when the team at SBB offered to send me their product line, a girl doesn't say no, especially when the line is made using naturally sourced, vegan, and Leaping Bunny certified ingredients. Moreover, the brand itself dedicates itself to the idea of your beauty routine being a ritual and from the product to the storytelling, Strange Bird is an absolute hit in my book... and this says a lot, I've tried a lot of products at this point so my eye has become a lot more discerning in recent history and reviews.

The Strange Bird product line currently features the Inner Clarity Cleanser, the Inner Balance Serum and the Inner Light Moisturizer. The sweet smelling combination of these luxury products has made for an incredible skincare routine. I don't want to compare something that naturally smells so sweet, to candy, but if you like a soft but sweet and delightful scented product, then Strange Bird's Skittle-esque line is amazing. I seriously covet this set, for fear it will run out too quickly.

The cleanser is gentle and something I found so interesting is that you can use it on wet or dry skin. Have I never tried something on my dry skin before? I haven't... which leads me to believe that I am not as wordly as I would think I am lol? Sigh. I do find that this product is on the pricier side, for a cleanser. Do I love that it's supercharged with quartz and I know that a lot of good energy was put into each tube? Heck yes I do. Do I also have two small children that have been known to squeeze a tube of Mama's skincare products out into a bath? Yes. When I am out of this phase of life, I would most certainly consider this cleanser as a purchase, because it really is a beautiful formulation, cleans my skin and leaves it looking glowing.

The serum is probably my favorite product of the trio. I felt like my skin bounced back from a rough day with a couple of uses of this delightful daily serum. Like was it possible for my skin to be tighter? I'm not sure but it sure seems that way. I used this after the cleanser and before the moisturizer, in a daily routine after my shower. It takes almost no time to absorb so you can move right on in your routine. It's infused with amethyst and oak, which speaks to me and serum like this, I would definitely plunk more money down for. This too is on the pricier side, but supporting small, indie beauty brands means spending money on the ingredients, the people and the effort it takes to create the products.

The Strange Bird Moisturizer has really been great, especially with the change in weather here in New England. You know when your skin just feels thirsty? That's been me lately. When I put on the Inner Light Moisurizer, it was almost as if my skin breathed a sigh of relief. It's light and absorbs fairly quickly, which I love especially on days where I want to apply makeup after. Soft and with that sweet smell consisten through the product line, this completes the trio perfectly. Again, this line is higher in price than some other products that I have tried and reviewed, but I do think that if you have the budget, the Strange Bird line is worth every penny.

So it's probably pretty clear that the Strange Bird line is a new favorite. Everything thing from the packaging, the thought exercises included in my shipment, the stickers! to the product themselves is so well thought out and mindful, which I love and appreciate. I really do appreciate indie beauty makers for their passion, the love of what they're doing and the variety that they are bringing to the market. Shopping small, in this way, makes me feel good. You know that every order that comes through, makes someone do a happy dance on the other end of it.

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