Wednesday, November 8, 2017

DIY Versatile Holiday Succulent Centerpiece

Something that I enjoy doing is tending to my little plants. This is obviously a more difficult hobby in the Winter because, well, it's colder and things just don't survive as well without the warmth and with less sunlight. One of the exceptions to this are hardy plants, my favorite being all manner of succulents. Succulents come in all shapes and sizes but one thing is for sure, they're hard to kill, even in the cold weather. Something I wanted to try this holiday season was to create a centerpiece for the table that would travel from Thanksgiving, through Christmas and onto New Years without having to be swapped out.

Finding succulents in the colder weather isn't as hard as you think. Home Depot's house plant section is stocked. We have a small farm store near our house that has a greenhouse and has plants all year round. Just search your area and you'll likely find the same for you! The toddler and I had a day date last weekend and we stopped at Home Depot to pick up everything we'd need for a centerpiece that could sit on the table through every holiday and occasion you can imagine!

It's really easy to plant succulents and create a long lasting centerpiece as long as you build your planter on great drainage and proper potting soil. You can use a lot of different things for drainage and while a lot of planters have holes in the bottom, this isn't ideal for a tablescape centerpiece due to leakage. I like to reuse things like plastic bottles or in this case, the small plastic containers that seedlings can be purchased in. Think of your plants roots. Can they have space to grow and breathe without drowning when you water them? Then you've got good drainage.

Don't be afraid to snuggle those plants up next to each other to find the perfect positioning for your new babies. The beauty of this centerpiece is that it's a great "blank palette" for any manner of holiday decorations like acorns, pine cones, snowflakes, ornaments, and the list goes on. I plan to build my table scapes around this piece since literally all of my dinnerware, napkins and decor for each and every holiday, will compliment this planter that will be here, for months and months to come. Here are some tips and tricks on caring for succulents and I would love it if you shared you favorite succulent planters with me on twitter: @primandpropah!

Join some of the other bloggers taking part in a little holiday decor goodness today! There are SO many great blog posts, I hope that you'll consider visiting each and every one this week! Plus check out the amazing giveaway we're working on together as well!

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