Friday, September 1, 2017

The Dinner Daily + a Jaunt to Roche Bros.

So I'm just going to say it, I've never had my groceries delivered. I never really even considered it. I don't know why but maybe I've always felt like I just needed to be in store to see what I needed to grab. Or maybe I just have always felt like I'm not organized enough to put in the order and get everything I need... well, let's face the cold hard facts here... I'm not organized to do it in store, that's for certain. I almost always buy too much and now that I'm on a stricter budget since I have the kids home with me, it's more important than ever to go into grocery shopping and meal planning with, well, a plan! As you can imagine, I was super psyched when I received an invitation from The Dinner Daily and Roche Bros. to check out the options a Mom like me can have in regards to meal planning and grocery deliveries.

We had the opportunity to join the team from Roche Bros and The Dinner Daily on a tour of the store and to see how they fulfill online orders that are then sent out for delivery. It was an excellent chance to ensure that the process would meet the standards set for food, how the team would pick items such as produce and meat and to see how long it takes from start to finish.

After our tour, we were introduced to The Dinner Daily and I swear, it changed it all for me. I've been using the meal planning/shopping companion site for a few weeks now. You can choose your grocery store and they will plan your weekly menu while also ensuring that you're getting the best deal based on what is on sale at the specific store that week. I did my first test run with both the meal planning, shopping and delivery with Roche Bros... and it's a game changer for this Mom who usually has to bribe her three year old just to get through a shopping trip alive. From the plan for the week, TDD helps arrange your groceries into a checklist where you can mark off what you've already got at home and make a list for the store or to order at your favorite store online. The order took me literally 10 minutes to enter and my groceries were at my door the same afternoon of the morning that I placed my order. My kids and dog were excited that there was a delivery man at our door. I was excited to have my groceries and receipt handed to me without having to step foot in the store. The delivery fee was nominal and I will 100% be doing it again.

The Dinner Daily's recipes are extremely accesible in that even if I don't think about dinner until 500pm, I know that as long as I have the ingredients in my fridge, the dinner will get on the table. They give you a "Time to Table" in minutes and very quick + easy directions along with nutrition information. One of my favorite meals, that I'm definitely putting into my rotation is a Curry Scented Pork. I had never cut my own pork tenderloins, maybe because I thought it was daunting? Turns out, it's so easy and so delicious. I have The Dinner Daily to thank for giving me the nudge to try.

I've had the opportunity to inject a little life into my cooking routine, adding some new recipes, getting both my husband and kids to try new things. It's really been so awesome for me since getting my grocery budget and meal planning under control has been on my mind since I took Wes out of daycare and had both boys home with me... that was March and it is now September. Both The Dinner Daily and Roche Bros helped me realize that it can all be so much easier! Seriously, sign up for a free trial of The Dinner Daily. If you're like me and want to cook for your family but don't have a ton of time or sanity, this is the virtual assistant that you need!

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