Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Propah Edaville Adventure

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*Edaville hosted the Propah family and friends but this is a 100% accurate dipiction of our super fun day there!

While we were down on the Cape last week we had the opportunity to head off the Cape (I know, I know) to take in a day at Edaville. Every morning when Wesley is watching Curious George, he sees the commercial for Edaville and promptly says " I want to go there!" in the cutest little three year old voice... so being the best Mom ever, I made it happen! Edaville, for those who don't know, is a family theme park in Carver, MA with lots of attractions including Thomas and Friends "land" and also a train that goes around the property, a Dino attraction "Dino Land", carousel and other traditional rides, and lots of cute details along the way.

Wesley has only just recently been getting into Thomas and Friends but let me tell you, he knows his characters. When we hit property, the kid was stoked as soon as he saw the train, complete with Thomas the Tank Engine leading the way. If you're not familiar, basically, he is the lead engine, our hero and all around nice guy.  To be honest though. my kid is more a fan of Emily... he likes what he likes! We took the leisurely train ride around the property and Wes took out his "noculars" to take in some of the sweet views on a beautiful day. It was a breezy twenty minute ride (rest) from an otherwise busy day of exploring on foot!

The kids were getting tired but still just had to explore the misty prehistoric forest that allows visitors to take a dino loop and visit all the kids favorite dinosaurs. Our little guys enjoyed running from creature to creature so as you can imagine, I got my excersise running after them. Pro tip: put red shorts on your children to allow for optimal fog visibility! 

We covered what seemed like every corner of the park with a couple differnt breaks in between attractions. They offer picnic tables in a few different areas of the park so you can bring your own lunches or they also have some cafe's where you can purchase yummy eats. There's plenty of shade and even on a hot day like the one of our visit, they offered spritzing fans around the park, which is one of my favorite things they could do for this sweaty mom. We finished our day on the carousel which just seemed like the perfect way to ease the kids out since they were spent from all the adventure-ing we did.

We really enjoyed ourselves and all agreed that the kids had a real blast. Seeing things from their little eyes and trying to really experience the little stuff with them is one of my favorite ways to win at Mom-ing. I would recommend a trip to Edaville especially if you've got a train lover on your hands- you'll be the best parent evah! PS. Mass/RI/NH residents get $10 off their tickets.

You can find Edaville Family Theme Park on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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