Monday, November 21, 2016


For 40 days, I will make it a priority to wake up early or make the time at lunch to meditate and create with positive vibes. Taking the inspiration from my mala making session, I will meditate on my purpose for the day while also focusing on positive energy and the things that I am grateful for (which isn't always easy for me). Since I love the energy of "good vibes", I obviously want to share them with others, so for the 40 days of this practice, I will create a mala bracelet a day, focusing on what I love about them/how I appreciate them and send a note of positivity on to that specific person (and also literally using the USPS). I will also share with my readers about that person and in short what it is about them that I admire. My goal is to bring Prosperity, as in the state of good fortune, comfort and well-being to both myself and my people. I ordered some special beads that had meaning and also decided to incorporate ones that I have been collecting over the years from vintage vendors, flea markets and the like. I wanted these to be special and personal, so that if the recipient did want to use them as prayer beads or worry beads (more likely my use), they'd have something special to hold.

Today's recipient, well, I've not technically met her in person... and yes, I know that it seems a little creepy that I would reach out and ask her if I could mail her something. Wellp, I guess you can call me a creep because that's exactly what I did. After this year's W.E.L,L. Summit, I was so happy to have heard Siobhan O'Connor speak on the green beauty panel. She's one of those women who you just simply can't not have a crush on. You may know her from No More Dirty Looks or from being the Health Director on, but what I thought was most impressive about her was the intelligence and class that she exuded when helping people understand that they could take their health and beauty into their own hands by educating themselves. She is just the type of woman I look up to and I wanted her to know that! For Siobhan's bracelet, I used almost entirely jade. Jade is a dream stone that releases negative thoughts, irritability, and soothes the mind. It can also assist in cherishing one's ideals and desires which I think is such a neat aspect. Side note: I've really enjoyed researching the stones that I'm using as well. I'll take (and give) all the positive energy I can these days!

Be sure to keep up with the entire series, all 40 days worth!

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