Friday, June 24, 2016

Jacq's Organics

I met Barbara of Jacq's Organics at last year's W.E.L.L. Summit. Not only did she bring samples of her unavoidably awesome green smoothie face masque and scrub but she was an absolute delight to chat with in person. My only regret is that I didn't get the chance to chat with her more, to connect and get to know her and more about her brand. Perhaps this year's summit? We shall see.

Barbara was kind enough to share a few of her products with me so that I could share with you, my delightful readers, my thoughts on what she's doing down there in Florida.

Green Smoothie Masque and Scrub: This is my favorite to use when I'm feeling blotchy or ready to break out. The masque is perfect to make my skin feel soft and tight plus I don't have to worry about harmful ingredients. Barbara and team use essential oils, almond meal, ginger rosemary, peppermint and more recognizable ingredients to provide a safe, effective and nutrient rich option for face mask Sunday (or whatever weekly self care holiday you celebrate). You can never have too many face masks that you love!

Rosemary and Lime Face Cleanser: Face cleanser, you obvi need one. I've tried many different kinds some of which, though natural, have still caused irritation to dry patches of my sensitive skin. Finding a good balance between clean and moisturizing and gentle is sometimes not as easy as you'd think. With the Jacq's Rosemary and Lime cleaner, I found that it did the trick without leaving my skin feeling dry and irritated. Made with a combination of oils (Japanese Camellia, rosemary, eucalyptus) and organic coconut and calendula, I would trust this even to use on kids.

Balancing Carrot Con Leche Face Toner: Do you tone after cleansing? You probably should. I never used to but am a recent convert. The blend from Jacq's Organics works to restore your face's pH balance while removing excess dirt/oils left after cleansing... yes, after cleansing. The scent isn't overpowering and my skin loves to tingly and refreshed after use. I recommend using after washing and before you serum or face oil.

I can't wait to see what Barbara and her team have in store for the brand and their product lines. I love seeing a line with heart and great products getting a little extra love so please check out the Jacq's Organics site and see for yourself!

Find Jacq's Organics online, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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