Friday, March 11, 2016

Budget Friendly Bathroom Refresh

* This Budget Friendly Bathroom Refresh is sponsored by World Market.

We have this bathroom in our finished basement. It's got a toilet and a sink and even a shower so by all definitions, this is a working and functional bathroom. My office space, laundry area and where my husband plays video games are all located close to this bathroom. For a space where we spend so much time, I have yet to "do anything" with it. Sure, I hung up a shower curtain, put out some hand soap and keep it stocked with toilet paper but I've never thought to make any changes until recently. What this bathroom needed was a quick refresh that wouldn't stress us out and wouldn't kill our monthly budget... so I am going to take you on a little Before+After adventure where you will see a really noticeable change for just about $200!

So what does a refresh on a budget entail? Well, we aren't replacing anything major, like no new toilet, shower and definitely not taking out the vanity and redoing any plumbing *shudders*. There are some quick and simple things that we could do that would make an impact and not break the bank. Let's take a look at what we're workin' with!

See? It's not so bad but it could definitely use a little something! Here's what we did to make this bathroom a little more sassy without spending a ton of sweet moola! 

Paint Some Stuff: We repainted the walls from this matte very light blue to a more bathroom friendly, very sunshiney yellow. It did wonders for lighting the room up and of course, makes the space feel different. If your space is small, a coat of paint or two will really make a difference and won't cost a ton of money. Doesn't this color make the water closet "Boom Boom Pow"?! Editor's Note: A coat of paint in a bathroom can be an undertaking and may cause "irritated spouse syndrome" for a brief period of time.

Quick Decor: Little to no work and a few items that pop and your space is Va Va Voom! My bathroom had nothing special to call it's own but I swapped out our very blah shower curtain for this Coral Treetop Shower Curtain and brought in towels especially for this space (these gorgeous Alexandra Linen Flower Bath Towels).  Toss out a classic neutral bath mat, some bathroom accessories, sweet smelling tealights, pretty candles and a new hand soap... and the space really comes together very quickly. Since this is our "guest-ish" bathroom, I set out some soap, lotion, washcloths and towels for them to use! Also, I am a huge fan of trinkets and baubles so if you see 'em and you like 'em, then you buy 'em!

Frame Sentimental (Free) Artwork: A simple way to dress up the walls in any room you want to "refresh" is to frame sentimental artwork. My husband and toddler worked together on a drawing a couple weeks ago and I think they were both equally surprised when I loved it so much that I wanted to hang it on the wall as artwork. I collaborated on my own piece of toddler art and added it to the mix. This is more affordable than buying an art print and is meaningful too! "Propah Art" framed in these World Market Antique Zinc Metal Vertical Frames for your viewing pleasure!

Add a Houseplant: This is one of my favorite things to do in any room, really. I love plants and think that they add that certain something (living) to any space. Of course, you have to keep them alive, but there are plenty of hardy houseplants that will survive under the most extreme instances of "Forgetful Mom Brain". I added this Live Variegated Ivy in Burlap to the window ledge and it just livens things up, making it a little more personal (along with my previously mentioned trinkets and baubles). A little seasonal flare, like this hyacinth plant not only adds to the looks but smells like a dream in such a small space!

With some simple things, we really made this bathroom and cozy space that is inviting for us and for guests alike. It's not just all "business" now, it's a piece of our home that reflects a little bit of us!

*World Market provided me with a gift card to do this bathroom refresh on a budget. Though we worked together, my opinions are still 100% my own. Know this, with WM fares, a room refresh on a budget is an easy task.

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