Thursday, November 5, 2015

I live in New England. In New England we like to complain about the weather. It could be sweltering hot or frigidly cold and we will always have something to say about it...but that doesn't mean that we aren't prepared for anything. I love yoga and I love doing yoga at my local studio, but once it gets cold here, especially when it starts to snow, going out of the house and getting comfortable in a yoga class is a little bit annoying. I have found some key things to make sure I am keeping motivated to get my zen on as often as possible

Leggings: We're not talking capris, we're talking all the way down to your ankle, covering all your skin, yoga leggings. I love these MPG Warrior Thermal Jersey Yoga tights because they keep me toasty in class even when people are coming in, getting the joint all drafty. I mean, it's like, c'mon people, it's cold, what do we do yoga in a barn? (High Waisted Legging Love --> Onzie + Beyond Yoga )

Yoga Blanket: Most studios have blankets to use as bolsters or your savasana but I like to have one for home as well as yoga in non traditional spaces. There are lots of affordable options and there is no right or wrong "blanket", just something to keep you warm and comfortable. (Keep the cost low options --> Flaza Mexican Blanket + Native Diamond Design)

Grip Socks: Grip socks are great not just for sweaty hot classes, they're also great for the cold weather, too, I mean, because heat escapes from your feet, y'all. I have grip socks for yoga and the occasional (and I do me mean, very occasional) barre class. Winter, let's keep the toes on like these Toesox Full Toe, alright? (Toe-less socks if you fancy those --> Ballerina Half Toe + Low Rise Half Toe)

Easy ON and OFF Pullover: At the start of class, you're going to be all like Brrrrr, it's cold in here, there must be yogis in the atmosphere but by about 20 minutes in, you're gonna want to strip some layers off as quickly as you can without disrupting your flow. I personally love a little tie dye action for the Winter since it's always going to be cold and get dark early so might as well liven things up while you can! (Tie Dye Action --> City Light Best Pullover Ever + Pure Karma  Naomi Sweatshirt)

Easy ON and OFF Boots: Just like the pullover, your easy on and off boots are key to keeping your zen when coming and going from yoga class. Gone are the warm Summer days when the flip flops were the go to when hitting class. I wear the same Sorel Winter boots that I was gifted a few years ago, fur lined, slips on and off so you're not clogging up the works after class. (No Snow Options tend to be cuter --> Rocket Dog Suri Boot + Blowfish Chippy Boot)

What do you keep on hand to make it through your cold weather fitness routine?

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