Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I Dream in Patio Furniture

You may recall me mentioning that I had a baby almost this time last year. Before said baby arrived, I had done a great deal of gardening, even while I was in my delicate state. I planted flowers and built beautiful herb gardens on our deck and brick patios. My patio set was adorned with lovely and inviting cushions. I had, in fact, created an outdoor oasis for my small family, which was soon to grow a touch larger. Fast forward to the warm Summer months when that newborn had come to town. Watering plants was exchanged for keeping a baby alive. Sitting outside with a glass of wine was traded in for going to bed at 7pm. Last Summer was Sink Or Swim, my friends. Herb gardens were shriveling up all over the place. Flowers were all but a distant memory. And my lovely deck furniture and gorgeous glass pottery? Well, we might have left that all outside during the snowiest Winter on record. We all but let the outdoor oasis turn into a mirage, fading out of view. We are obviously not proud of this but it is what it is.

This year is different. The baby is almost a year. I have more time to do things and one project that has been coming together quite nicely, since the weather has been cooperating, is the recreation of the outdoor oasis. Yes, I did lose some of my faves to inclement weather (broken pots and faded outdoor cushions) but you can bet your baby that all Winter I was keeping track of possible replacement items on my Wayfair Patio Dreams Idea Board.

Rather than recreate what I once had, I am looking to bring a little "Zen" to my outdoor space. If I can make it peaceful and stylish at the same time, I think it would really become a place where I could relax after a long day and just read in the Summer evenings. Not too overdone, I daydream of a sort of minimalists spot where I can light some (citronella) candles and reflect on my day and the days to come. I know it seems kind of hokey but I can just imagine the scents of all of my herbs and a breeze... well, it just sounds dreamy, right?

I can make my dream a reality with something like what I have pictured: *Keter Rio 3 Piece Bistro Set, *Urban Trends Sitting Buddha, *Blomus Viento Rounded Edge Pinwheel, *Woodlands Imports Elephant Windchime, *Silk Areca Palm Tree, *Woven Light Blue Outdoor Rug

What do you think of the Patio set up of my Zen dreams?


  1. your patio dream looks serene! those chairs look really comfy:)

  2. Love the elephant windbell!

  3. great inspiration the patio zen looks really beautiful


    The Color Palette

  4. i like it! I love Wayfair! I want everything I see on their site!

  5. I like Wayfair. I have seen so much on their site that I want. It's all one big wishlist. :)

  6. LOve it! Our patio is a mess - I'd love some good furniture.

  7. I think it is very beautiful. Love the patio zen. Very nice.


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