Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I first found Holly Nichols' illustrations on Instagram and thought they were amazing... her drawings are a combination of cute, cool, fashion-y and just plain well done. Whether you love sweet macaroons or Golden Globes gowns a la carte, Holly has got it covered. When it suddenly dawned on me one day that she was a New Englander, well, I was even more smitten. Of course, I reached out to her so we could get the deets on H. Nichols Illustrations and what this talented gal has got goin' on!

Just as pretty as her illustrations, Holly concentrates on drawing what she loves, from gorgeous gowns to macaroons and back to city scapes, like our beloved Boston. After graduating from Endicott with a BFA in Studio Art, she took her love of art, her love of fashion and began taking commissions...the rest was history. She now has a following of over 28,000 on Instagram. Is that crazy fabulous or what? And she is booked solid with custom work! Talk about being inspired. She is successful doing what she loves to do. I caught up with Holly + want to share a couple of her illustrations with you guys!

What drove you to initially start illustrating?
As a freshman in College, I started as an Interior Design major. We had to sketch a lot of interiors with illustration markers and I fell in love with the medium. I was a little disinterested in drawing the interiors, so I started drawing dresses! After my freshman year, I switched my major to Studio Art, and continued sketching gowns or my friends outfits, or relatives wedding dresses. After graduating college, people began commissioning me and it’s history from there!

What do you love to take inspiration from?
I’m inspired of course, by the runway shows. Like many artists, i’m also inspired by colors. I frequently illustrate based upon the season or the weather.

What are some of your favorite brands/designers, not just to illustrate but to wear?
Elie Saab will forever be my favorite designer to sketch (unfortunately I don’t think ill be wearing Elie Saab Couture just yet, but a girl can dream). As far as my own fashion, I can’t make art unless I’m totally comfortable. I’m usually in oversized sweaters, leggings, jeans, but ALWAYS a scarf (no matter the season). 

What do you love to do in the Boston area, when you aren't illustrating that is?
I really do love Boston. Like so many I love Newbury Street. I love the shopping but I find the architecture beautiful as well. I love dining out with friends (our choice is usually sushi!), and naturally, trips to the M.F.A!

Where do you see HNichols Illustration heading in the future?
I have so many goals, dreams, and ideas, it’s a matter of finding the time to do it all! I’m working on a few hand painted (wearable) items for the spring, and I have a few things going on in New York next month (wink wink!). I take it day to day, because I never know what’s going to get thrown at me, but I try to focus mostly on the joy of the process!

Want to catch up with Holly? Visit her site or follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Interested in getting some pieces of your very own? Her Etsy shop is full of goodies!

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