Friday, January 23, 2015

Keeping Extra Coin in that Change Purse

Updated December 2015: I like to save as much money as I can in my every day, not because I am super strapped for cash but I do have a child now and that sort of costs some money plus, I just like getting a good deal/saving money/getting rewarded for shopping. Since it only takes a short period of time to create a new and positive habit, I have instituted a couple of new (but mostly easy) ways that I can keep moola in my pocket without completely changing the way that I do things. I haven't really kept track of exactly how much that I am saving by creating new habits but in my heart of hearts, I feel like I am contributing to my financial greater good.

Coupon Clipping, Money Saving Apps (like Ibotta)- Coupon clipping, I know what you're thinking... hey ol' lady with your coupons... I am no extreme couponer. I am not a searcher of coupons for things I MAY purchase. I am a keeper of coupons that I know I WILL purchase. Example: My lovely baby is now eating baby food. They come in squeezy packets that I often purchase at Target. Every time I buy them, a coupon prints out at checkout. Next time I am there, I use that coupon and another coupon prints out with that purchase. It's a nice little cycle I have there, you see? This happens with a lot of things I buy at a lot of different stores, flavored coffee creamer, dish liquid, Uncle Ben's rice, you get the idea. I grabbed a coupon carrier for $1 at Target and labeled slots for all manner of my coupon-y goodness. Next time I am at Joann Fabrics, I won't kick myself for forgetting my coupon again since I have it with me. No more losing CVS Extra Care bucks. I save them all now and keep them in my massive purse. Similarly, Apps on the ol' smartphone are making a nice impact in my life. Ibotta was introduced to me by my MIL. We are on a "team" and get rebates on purchased from tons of different stores. Of course, there is the opportunity to spend money on things I never intended on purchasing but I use it on the things I know I will purchase, milk, bread, laundry detergent etc. This adds up when you get in the habit of keeping track. Can you dig? I've already banked almost $100 on things I buy regularly.

Do a lot of shopping online? Don't you dare think about making a purchase until you check to see if you get cash back through Ebates. Seriously, almost every store that I shop online through has a percentage of your purchase coming back to you through ebates. It's free to sign up and it's like an added coupon simply for clicking through their site. Also, a new thing Groupon is doing is consolidating all of the deals that the stores you love are offering. Called Groupon Coupons, you can search for your favorite store while on Groupon and they will tell you all the coupons and codes they are currently offering. Another tool at your fingertips!

Looking for discounts from my company (fitness, cell phone, car insurance etc)- I am guilty of not researching these types of things within my company. I work remotely, separate from my corporate office so I don't get to see postings on the bathroom door or get a reminder to go to the cell carrier fair in the conference room. Even if I did work in the office, it would be ultimately up to me to search out the discounts and programs that my company has to offer. I recently did this and was super excited to get my 17% off my monthly phone bill, which was effective so immediately. I also looked into a fitness reimbursement. My company offers a $25 deposit to my paycheck monthly, if I can provide proof that I worked out 8 times that month. I checked and this covers yoga too. I look at that as two free classes my friends and added motivation to get to said classes. It's a win-win.

Selling my gently used items through Ebay, Poshmark or to gifting to the little sister- I love to shop but I don't have the most extensive closet space. Plus, see aforementioned comment about the child that costs money to keep alive. It's very selfish to spend money frivolously but man, do I love shoes and clothes and the occasional handbag. A great way that I can justify spending money on new things is to sell the things I don't ever use any more. I have found that Twice is my new favorite since they literally pay to ship your things, then they pay you for  your things and it's easy peasy. I also use Ebay on occasion though am kinda sick of the fees but still hold them as a great option to offload my gently used and totally still great stuff. Once the old stuff leaves, I am free to be on the lookout for the new additions to my sweet life. Note: Twice sold to Ebay and is no longer accepting clothing.

Shopping Will Power- This is going a long way and is really a change that I am making recently. Do I need this? Is this going to be money well spent? Am I buying this because it's a good deal or because I want instant gratification? Today, I had the hankering to go to LOFT, even though I totally destroyed their after Christmas sale, and you know what? I talked myself out of it. What did I need to go there for? Nothing. Now if I could channel this new found will power into Weight Watchers then my life would be in total control. A girl can dream....

What are some tips from your personal stash to save money?


  1. Thanks for sharing your tips. I love coupons!! LOL. I'm in need of a good app/online platform to sell my gently used clothing that's still in style. I will try Twice.

  2. I like Twice a lot. I have sold two batches of clothes that I might have otherwise just donated to Goodwill. xoxo

  3. I ALWAYS forget to bring my Joanns and Michaels coupons when I last minute decide to go. That ends now! lol

  4. I am getting into coupons so hard since there is a target at South Shore. I am addicted to stacking target + manufacturer coupons!


  5. I'm a big fan of coupons, especially when we head to BJs for paper goods, toiletries, etc. They send their own + they take manufacturers coupons, so I always end up saving big bucks.


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