Friday, November 14, 2014

Earthing Shoes for Your Sweet Feet

What is an Earthing shoe? I didn't know either so don't feel silly or dumb. Earthing, means walking barefoot on the natural surfaces of the Earth; the grass, sand, dirt and the like. This blog post from the folks at Juil explored the benefits of walking on the "earth". It suggests that as electrical beings, our body responds positively to walking barefoot. It can help with healthier circadian rhythms as well as decrease inflammation among other things. Sounds pretty legit to me. People walked around barefoot long before shoes were a thing (I am so happy shoes are a thing). So what the people at Juil did, was pretty much a great idea. They combined one of my favorite things (SHOES) with the effects of walking barefoot.

I have to say, that as a self proclaimed connoisseur of shoes, comfort and style are often hard to find as a combo. You either have a fierce looking pair that smoosh your tootsies or give you blisters OR you have a pair of shoes that give your feet hugs but might not look like much more than granny's walking shoes. Juil does not fit this model. I have a pair of the KAMA oxfords that have such a classic and luxurious look (hello, leather!) and what is even better is that they are the utmost in comfortable. I mean it. If you are looking for comfortable flats that can help you be truly grounded then Juil has you covered.

With most footwear, there is a layer of plastic or rubber between our feet and the ground but not with Juil. By placing copper dots in their shoes, Juil allows your body to make the connection with the Earth as if you were barefoot. Believe it or not, I am tending to think this is accurate. I love wearing my KAMA's and can't wait to sink my feet into the Earth in another pair. I think my next Juil's will most definitely be the OHK flats; there is a versatility in the black pair that I can see making a BIG impact in my wardrobe moving forward. There is a reason that yogis, fitness enthusiast and wellness experts LOVE Juil's... so let's just add Amanda to that list of fans jumping on the Earthing shoes bandwagon.

Which pair of Juil shoes calls your name?

*Juil provided a pair of shoes for review. All opinions are 100% mine because I wouldn't lie to you guys.


  1. i only walk barefoot in my house !! the rest of the idea seems to crazy for me !


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  2. These shoes are adorable ♥♥♥


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