Friday, September 19, 2014

My Review of Kate Hudson's Fabletics Line

I love Kate Hudson, like ever since How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, I've loved Kate Hudson. When she was an ambassador for Almay, I most certainly tried the Intense i-color and still buy it now! Ann Taylor, umm it only solidified my love for the Ann Taylor brands so when I heard about Fabletics, I was not going to let the opportunity to try it pass me by! Fabletics is her newest venture and belongs to the JustFab brand, and is a monthly subscription service for workout gear. Athletic wear is my new jam ever since I have been on a kick to lose the baby weight, which has most recently hit a plateau. I am motivated and with that motivation has come a new love of cute workout clothes... sorry, I'm not sorry that I love to shop!
Ninety Six Windbreaker and Versatile Tee

Since the weather is chillier in the Northeast as of like, literally last week, I decided that a good choice would be some pieces that are great for my way to workout (when I'm not hot and sweaty) and for when I'm on my way home (when I'm hot and sweaty). Since I look pretty amazing in blue and it's sister colors, the Ninety Six Windbreaker, the Versatile Tee in blue and the Salar Capris were the perfect look for my first foray into the Fabletics arena. I placed my order and the items were legit in the mail I think the same day. It was only a matter of a couple of days and I was wearing my new gear out with the dog while the baby napped.

Thumb holes, my fave!
Henry Approved
Keepin' Up with the Hound
The gear itself is comfortable. I ordered a size larger than I would normally in the tops because I feel a little self conscious but I should have ordered my normal size. I don't know why I thought that these would run small but they don't; most definitely true to size. My capris are snug, hold everything in tight and right for a good yoga sesh or a walk with the babe. They also hold their shape since I have worn these several times since I received them. I think out of the three pieces the capris are my favorite, even though I own about 10 pairs that are very similar. These are the best, no lie. I think the next on my list to try definitely has to be their sports bras. I'd be curious how well they maintain some larger ladies on the bounce.

You can try Fabletics with an awesome 50% off your first outfit but remember that it's a monthly subscription service which you'll have to ensure you skip the first week of the month if you don't need work out gear at that time. Overall, I do love the quality and will continue to be a member because I am sure at some point, I will need new duds and for what you get in your "outfit", it's a good deal in my eyes.

Will you try Fabletics?

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