Friday, August 15, 2014

Keeping it Casual with San Francisco City Lights

I was recently introduced to San Francisco City Lights clothing and the sheer comfy-ness that I had been missing out of was not lost on me. They are such sweet folks and sent along the Hollywood tee for me to take for a ride, and it is now my new favorite tee from packaging to the wear. The story behind their garments is kinda up my alley too. If you could be BFFs with a clothing brand, SFCL would be a great candidate ;-)

I am a sucker for not only the way a garment looks on me but where it comes from and how it comes to me. The San Francisco City Lights team knows how to sent something along with tender loving care. Made in the USA, this team has everything going for them from great clothes to a great idea of building relationships with their customers.

Along with my shirt, they sent me a message in a bottle, with tiny, precious sea shells. A message in a bottle? Who does that? Besides Sting... Well San Francisco City Lights does. If I wanted to give a great gift to someone, this would be an added Ooooh or Aaaaah when they opened it. So sweet. Check out what SFCL has to say about their brand:

We lovingly handcraft all of our clothes right here in California. 
But what does that really mean? 
It means we design, cut and sew each garment by hand and with love, right here at home, with fabrics that are all knit in California. 
With exceptional skill and decades of experience, our talented seamstresses know what it takes to bring each design to life with an unmatched level of quality and craftsmanship. Their exquisite attention to detail and overwhelming passion for the craft can be found within each stitch of our high-quality garments. 
Our garments are pre-shrunk to give you the perfect fit, and made with color-rich dyes to give you beautiful seasonal colors that last. So you can wear and wash all of your new favorite pieces over and over again. 
We’re here to give you peace and comfort in mind, body and spirit. We want you to wear each garment with all of your heart. Because we’ve made it with all of ours.

Swooooon! These are high quality garments, take it from me. I am so comfortable in this tee and that's saying a lot. I am not comfortable in lots of clothing right now, due to the human child that made an appearance two months go but this shirt is awesome. For realz.

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Would you give San Francisco City Lights a try?

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