Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I am Overstimulated By All the Same Information

Let me preface this post by labeling it as a RANT, because that is what it is. This week, the internets have been all a buzz about several fashion shows, the rumored pregnancy of a British Royal and the Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds nuptials... and I am sick of (almost) all of it. Like the Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattenson breakup the weeks prior and the Snooki baby news around the same time, every person has the same information within hours of it being released. Didn't they say that news broke of Whitney Houston's death within minutes on Twitter? Let's be honest, good and bad news travels fast these days. With that being said, every news outlet and blogger is "reporting" on the same thing but all they are really doing is trying to sell it to you first and in different packaging. OK, let me sort of start over.

News broke about Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds secretly tying the knot this past Sunday at a southern plantation where they apparently filmed The Notebook. "That is neat and oh, what a surprise those two got married, they hadn't even been dating that long." I was interested; feed me more information. Trouble was that every link I clicked on whether it be from Marie Claire and Cosmo or and Glamour, they used the same picture of Blake and Ryan from The Green Lantern premiere and all had almost identical fun facts about the secret nuptials. After about the 5th click, I was sick of seeing the same thing. I am sure Blakey has an exclusive with People or something to unveil her wedding dress and decor but will I/can I be bothered to care at that point? News broke not even three days ago, new information is still leaking but I am having a hard time caring. Also, hey, don't you think the reason they didn't tell anyone about the wedding in the first place is probably because they wanted their privacy. #Justsaying #PS.theyareonegoodlookingcouple

Similarly, Kate Middleton apparently refused two glasses of wine during her travels this week. Didn't you know that that means you are 100% pregnant? Oh wait, wasn't she pregnant the last time they thought they saw a "baby bump on her super slim frame"? I will be SO happy for Kate when she and her Prince are finally with child but the extreme fascination with them and then the subsequent shoving of speculation down our throats sort of ruins the fun for me. I also often like to think of Kate as a human being and how the very public speculation could, in fact, actually hurt her feelings. How do we know that they aren't having problems conceiving and that her refusing wine is because, well, maybe she has jetlag? It's a mess and frustrates me. *Editor's note: I did enjoy seeing Kate in a Prabal Gurung printed dress this week. She's so sassy.

As sad as I am to say it, I feel like blogging has become this way as well. I am not knocking all the fabulous fashion bloggers or those that paved the way for blogging to be a viable, interesting and enriching use of one's time but rather I am saying that chances are, a lot of people you know have a blog and a lot of them are blogging about the same exact things. For instance, it's NYFW this week and everyone and their brother is in NYC taking in some truly awesome fashion goodness but a good portion of them are presenting it to their readers in the same exact way. I like to take shows that people might not pay as much attention to and perhaps introduce them to some new fans or take a better known brand and put my own twist on what I think they were going for. It's all about the content and feeding it in a way that keeps it interesting and also keeps people coming back to read more. I think that is lacking in a lot of media channels these days, whether it is professional or blog related. It seems like it is more of a race to get the information out and circulating. Who can stake claim on it first?! I am starting to get overstimulated. Maybe I need a day away from my computer, phone and television to cleanse my brains. End scene.


  1. THANK YOU. And I too am sick of reading all these blogs about NYFW except half the people whose blogs I read aren't even actually there. I could see if there was one collection or a look that completely stood out to someone and they wanted to share it with their readers...but I don't need a synthesis of every single show.


  2. I just need a break from social media so I can have "fresh" eyes I think.


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