Monday, July 30, 2012

Don't Hate on Scrunchies: How to Do your Hair like a Gymnast

When the Summer Olympics come around, there are only a few different sports that interest me. I enjoy Men's Swimming for the obvious reasons, the nail biting drama and the abs, oh the abs. I also really enjoy the gymnastics. I know, how cliche of me.Well, as I was watching the women's qualifying rounds, I noticed my twitter feed focusing on something non-gymnastics ability related...the gymnasts' hair and more specifically, it had to do with them all wearing scrunchies.

Twitter comments ranged from "Ugh. What the f*&$?" - hairdressers when they look at female gymnasts' hair" to my own tweet "I was just thinking how I don't think the gymnast take much pride in their hair. No tight buns up in there!" My initial thoughts were, how would anyone let their country be represented by girls wearing scrunchies?!?! Adding to the "unattractive" hairstyles are the bendy clips and what looks like an entire can of hairspray being used.

After a little research, apparently, scrunchies are pretty much the most solid way to keep your hair in place without totally destroying it with regular elastics. Also, those clips and the hairspray? Yeah, those help keep the girls hair in place. I guess that would be important when you are flinging your body in the air and hurling it off a gymnastics horse... so what I am saying is, it doesn't matter what these girls' hair looks like; they are completely rocking something that I could only dream of doing and all in their teens... and the scrunchies? Well, who knows, Scrunchies might be back!

So want to get hair just like a gymnast? ;-)

 All you need is some scrunchies, some hairclips and your Grandma's Extra Super Hold Aquanet and we are "Gold"en!

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  1. I don't get why people hate scrunchies. It's not something I would wear to work but I do wear them to the gym. Very comfortable and my hair is happy


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