Saturday, December 17, 2011

What is Rihanna Thinking?

I love Rihanna as much as the next person. Hello, her song with Nicky Minaj is amazeballs but can someone please tell me what about this look is cool? This is a shot from her concert in Madrid this week and this looks to be, what? a studded/jeweled/bedazzled bikini? #1 I don't find this flattering and #2 You can look crazy without looking horrible, am I right? I have seen Rihanna look edgy and fashion forward without looking slightly deranged and kind of schlumpy... do you agree with me?And yes, it is OK to disagree with me as well.

Photo by Bauer Griffin
Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images Europe


  1. i totally agree with you. you can still wear out there eccentric clothing.. that flatters you without looking crazy!

  2. The bra is okay...but the underwear are tres strange. Why are they cut like granny-panties? Beaded, bedazzled granny-panties. There is just a weird disconnect going on here.

    Thanks for the post!

  3. I totally agree. She has always been a fashion risk taker but some of her fashion choices lately haven't been very fashionable. To me it seems like she just aims to show the more skin in the weirdest way possible and she's beginning to look messy.


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