Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Project Accessory, Will it be Good?

Project Accessory, the newest installment in reality TV competitions, premieres this Thursday after the Project Runway finale. The ads have been enticing to say the least, because, well, I love Molly Sims (hey, I was couch ridden for a month and had nothing to watch but Las Vegas) an because they are making it look kind of bad ass (aka Depeche Modey music). If this show is anything like my very addictive Project Runway, then I may be in trouble... the man and I already fight over our space on the DVR.

"The multi-billion dollar accessories business is brought into the spotlight with Lifetime’s new competition series, "Project Accessory," hosted by actress and model Molly Sims. With the help of lifestyle expert Eva Lorenzotti as their mentor, 12 enterprising artists will be put to the test to create the newest and hottest trends in accessories as they compete to dazzle Sims and judges designer Kenneth Cole and InStyle Editor, Ariel Foxman. Emmy® Award-winning actress Debra Messing and fashion critic and television personality Kelly Osborne will appear as guest judges this season, among other fashion luminaries. "Project Accessory" will premiere October 27 at 10:30/9:30c."

Our contestants:

  • Cotrice (Milwaukee, WI/Atlanta, GA) – specializes in jewelry
  • Brian Burkhardt (Manchester, NH/Miami, FL) – specializes in jewelry
  • Christina Caruso (New York, NY) – specializes in jewelry
  • Nina Cortes (Miami, FL) – specializes in jewelry
  • Shea Curry (Hattiesburg, MS/Los Angeles, CA) – specializes in jewelry and hair accessories
  • Adrian Dana (Baltimore, MD/Lithonia, GA) – specializes in church hats
  • David Grieco (Watertown, NY/Los Angeles, CA) – specializes in belts
  • Kelly Horton (Philadelphia, PA/Edgewater, NJ) – specializes in handbags
  • Diego Rocha (Sao Paolo, Brazil/Chicago, IL) – specializes in handbags
  • Nicolina Royale (Minneapolis MN/Los Angeles, CA) – specializes in leather rock 'n' roll accessories
  • Rich Sandomeno – (Elmwood Park, NJ/Los Angeles, CA) – specializes in jewelry
  • James Sommerfeldt (Chicago, IL) – specializes in footwear

  • What do you think? Will you be watching along with me?



    1. I love Project Runway, so I plan on tuning in. I am intrigued to see how jewelry designers will compete against handbag designers etc. I hope it is good!

    2. I haven't heard about this! I will definitely tune in. I love project runway and I work for a jewelry supply company as my day job so, I am really interested!

    3. I think I might have to check this out! Love it!

    4. I'm not so sure about this - don't think it will be as good as project runway but maybe alright??



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